author: Nikolay.V.K

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To become CLEAR

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    Angels of God
    So all Satanists by prominent priests and mages are actually angels of God. Therefore, some of them are magicians. They teach people to love animals and insects etc.. I remember (I read) to a priestess how locked in a basement with rats one God and so he became friends with them. Teach them to eat bugs to dull the true nature of angels. They want to get used to living in this world that is very very bad but creation. Me, teach me to love cockroaches. Do you know what they are doing on me out of nowhere appears a cockroach crawling to me. If you feel that concentrate power in a given place (the place starts to itch) have to scratch so predodvratyavate unwanted insect. If even hug a woman is in danger you do lice. Read the truth about the disease. Our God is the Devil - Jehovah he fought against such worlds. And sooner or later will destroy them. Ticks are also displayed in this way, and all the parasites and diseases.

    Evil person who is the employer rather than to increase the salaries of its employees to build house after house, and bought a car after car. So according to Jesus rich Christian will, or you're not a Christian. I wonder why a God tolerate this. You motherfuckers think that man evolved as first he lived in the worst conditions and do most menial work. In the process of rebirth, he climbs ever higher becomes more rich in bright until god. But the truth is the other people are still people, the gods are still gods. Now judge for yourself what gods rule the world. In a word gods shit and people are the same in a rich or poor country where you live but you get rich but the laborers are you does not mean you're evil, worthy of hell. In short Freeloaders are weeds. These angels will gather them and will burn in hell. When people are divided into rich and poor, smart and dumb, then god who says that the creator of the world is horseshit. Both of these are pretendnta Jehovah and Allah. If you read Isaiah 11:6-9 you will see that God believes that the knowledge of the Lord of the predator will make him eat grass ie God will change his instinct and not the stomach and teeth ruminants differ from predators. Which clearly shows that God is not the creator of the world because I did not know it. Another indicating that the LORD is new is that God's laws completely different from fornication of nations. Allah is another face of God. Goes so Devil (bunch of gods) is the creator of the worlds. Few worlds where rule of communism, but even so, they are a perverse Meaning of teenagers that they are given time to naluduvat before they were married. Ie morals spoken of in the Bible is missing. What to do?

    WHO AM I
    So today was June 22, 2005 God allowed me to get to heaven. Or one from the heavens. I flew to him on foot because angels bottom gave me an initial rate. The whole sky is covered with gold leaf around which there is a cloud of gold dust, sounds nice music and over vsyayako leaf had children with wings somewhere else in 2 1. Were some more high, others low, mine was the lowest of all I cried when God stroked my head was invisible, then I realized why I was crying. By this time the sky got its own velocity behind passed, however, remember the leaves and flying long eyes closed expecting that they will end up before the throne of God zasazhelenie someone tied me with patches for a second I walked down time. That was long ago, later I was in another world and there was sky, was a temple and hear festive music and then I started crying and told me that there is a God in both cases my angels laughing and wiping tears somebody. Jehovah said to me in a conversation nvknvk already Elijah. And Jesus said that John the Baptist is the small kingdom of heaven. And we know that before Christ had to come and Elijah did my leaf was the low.

    In my opinion and according to my observations in other worlds and normal people can be satisfied with erotic pictures. Izvaratenite are those who watch porn and they are having fun. I know this because I am as a barometer for normal people. Naked women always inspire me, and Vignettes ie what you see in movies about 5 minutes. But hard porn is perverted. At one time the spirits made me look or just vote. Hard porn is not even excite me and even abhor how so brutish show sex and immediately stop. It is important to bathe once we masturbate or have sex so the mood will deteriorate and no risk of depression. Jehovah has said in the Bible, Leviticus 15:16. The same applies to menstruation, and other carrion read in Leviticus. I think so far as Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 6:9 "Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of desire." But the truth is the other better be wandering of the desire than to see with their eyes. So sin is itself Physiology ie no sin.
    So there is one thing which I can not get used to and it's female ass. It's so funny when you look back. Somehow the form is incomplete. And men and women are so feminine but is funny cause is greater. Which means that I come from the world is talking about Jesus Christ, viz. "A world that no married or married but are like angels in heaven. Saying this because in worlds where I was female ass is always wider than the male. Further proof that I'm from there is the fact that I previously thought that all marry and in the movies, things are always exaggerated for maitap, it turned out that it is not. Which shows that I am, by nature chaste.

    I was recently in a world where everything is made with the power of the mind, made my block for 1 second and show me you love me. Make a pickle to block else premarda as we were in it to make it to the first MISC blocks as it pushed from a distance with its power. There are no toilets, no sanitation. No traffic in the streets. I guess because everyone can do everything with the power of your mind and play computer games at home. But I rode a bus and a trolley along the tram rails. There was food, however. Do you realize how good is their god to make the world so ie all gods. I'm sorry that in a good way I mean Dago. But it became so dull that is to blame Jesus Christ see two satanic ritual.

    After carefully studying the matter came to the conclusion that the Creator of the world is one and that is the Father of Jesus Christ. So all considered Satan or his reverence must show contempt Structure life. And strictly implement the provisions of the devil. Namely:
    1. Yes prestnat with girlfriends in our world sex will people come through the tunnel.
    2. We must do everything against natural selection, ie to help the most disadvantaged but do not love them, our world has no affection, all the same.
    3. Do not learn to govern ourselves, and others treat those in our world there is one God who does all this and it will control us.
    4. Not to work, but only to play the game (maybe commuter)
    5 Do not eat or drink blood does not go to the penal colony "vampire world".

    So no demons. Demons are real live people who are trying to drive you crazy or commit suicide. The aim is to throw out the world because you resist them with their very presence, ie while you sleep helping good. Another important perspective that goblins "demonic" black tails exist but they are just a different kind of people. "Our" (planet earth) God wants to destroy them. They have even set prichtelski to man. I have met 2 types like creatures. The first time a very strange creature like man but very thin and his bones were visible without meat, carried me up to the sky, I suppose a magician from another dimension, not scared. The second time was something black in "hell" (a motherfucker they extinguished the sun is cruel when they do not even have electricity) like the human-animal increase toward me and I ran away, verochtno shtoto was the only one with a lamp there. So through these games 3d shutarki god we strive to set us against each other magician who could meet during patuvanichta in other worlds. These creatures are not at all hostile to most very scared for maitap this most often do goblins and the like. Most vampires are bad, they are dangerous because they bite gets to Hell black impenetrable night, the lamp is not lit. This is the punishment for vampires if they catch you (ie become a vampire). Pray that God will heal you quickly. Once you show your teeth or run or fight. Worse is when these innocent creatures - other people use of orders and mages to train students as cannon fodder. Some mages destroy worlds of these creatures or their extinguish the sun. I therefore always be born in the world to figure out what it is from personal experience, not a glimpse or heard.
    TRUTH OF CAKE pieces
    So everyone has copies ie clones reazprasnati in the entire universe. If you are like me they are 144. So are any god. It keeps them from death, punish them, feel them, teach them. This happens while sleeping in my case. The aim is one day, and they are like it. God becomes the righteous and clean between them. Black school that teaches to become gods must kill them in some way thus their strength comes to us about her reading down, as it showed in the movie "the one". Getting smart fast and with more force (from starwars). This is really misleading to the thief becomes rich until the police catch him and sooner or later will become. Then they sent to the penal colony "hades" ie hell (if not fire, darkness) and live there forever if we are immortal. No exit from there. Instead of becoming friends with their spears. They are not yours and copies are the same. In all alike. As you are, so are they. Elijah and Elisha were on a cake. So employers are learning to win on the back of others. Continuing along this line unconsciously you start killing their copies if one piece of cake die. Let me tell you the laws of the universe are made of fashkiyski gods. The goal was the quickest to become a god, the other to die. This principle of natural selection we see in nature. GOD is with me, he taught me everything I teach her other pieces to go one day everybody in the kingdom of God that is ideal to the purpose of rebirth.

    How we work mages
    So some people hear telepathically, as I hear from them constantly, some want to kill me, others praise me, my third question. Likewise act witches and soothsayers when you say things that you know. True seer and prophet speaks of events directly nekasaeshti person you speak and always accurate. If you unclog both ears then hear the bad people. If you unclog only right then hear only good people, magicians, angels and God Himself. Pray the Lord will clog the left ear. Also the one who speaks completely think it was only Jesus Christ. All others are forced to obey the spirit of the people around us that we ordered the subconscious telepathic. We hate when a girl you're eyeing commanded you to give him his astral body. Very bad is when you swear to give them all my strength in the market. If you do not pass out then God help you. It is bad when an evil magician made helpless and commanded you to help him, then punishment can be separated and life if God does not help you read ponadolu. How a magician teaches his student. Quite simply, he questioned him telepathically, then shows him what the student knows his own, but the problem is that he can not reach consciousness. So the spirit of man has hands, feet, mind, eyes, nose, and he was unconscious of man. This is the power that is spoken in STAR WARS read ponadolu.

    And Here's the TRUTH
    World "star wars" exist. This is the world of the gods, all possess the power ie can make all the action with the power of your mind. This of course depends from the dumps which is which, one or bog.Dyavola trying to drive from there. Jehovah also managed from there. Devil - black lord tries to corrupt the world while God is strict morality. Usually people take in their last incarnation, these are people who disappeared or not wake up. But I promised that I would take in the first. There may also be accessed through the tunnel, but it is dangerous because the chakras ignite than flying in it that gets there, but once I got immediately smile. Because there even without seeing something very joyful. And they feel there so give you an empty metal holding it in the air, and you have to march to the designated place. I could not then, but it can run hot or cold water here can not turn the taps. Like me taking 30 years ago ie before becoming gods because we still can not manage and will destroy the world or all into hell. Take only those who are strict morals and lived according to the principles of the Bible. Below, you will read about Elijah, how he got out of the matrix. I currently find most difficult to manage in a world of power. Because in other more highly civilized everything bend walls bend units also descend to the replacement of plumbing faucets straight right out and became a flood, etc. Already 2 Times comes flying saucer to me and yet I can not get to it. But I pleaded God even the children wanted to lay hands on them and bless them. I fought with the devil. He made a helpless and I picked it up. Then he sent a ball flying orange which reinforce against me. Instant I heard this is a poison and immediately the power of your mind and prayer to God gave it back before napusnlao his aura. It touched in the head 'cause out of his head did something with his fingers and his skull broken, blood and brains flew. Another time a Devil in America called me at the main school "angel" He ordered me to hit him. I stepped backwards and I would have hit him, but I hit. Then I walked away and stepped back and flew straight ahead, this time I prayed and began to impose his spiritual body and push it with his power. he curled that I began to roll until he fell from the second floor, then calls in only a slight limp, but I won. Another called me into Mongolia, commanded my legs to become ice and jump in the glass windows of our house and I broke a glass, then worshiped him or I would not fight in mortal combat.

    Of God and the devil AGAIN
    Another sign of God and hell this is their sex life. If a person is about boyfriends not to marry one girl it's hell. If the movie on one side are vulgarity and debauchery it's diabolical. If Christian church youth sin they are not married and it is common there, so the church is diabolical. If a man or woman to have sex with virgin and it constantly a different person then is the devil, these are the singers, singers, actors, etc. izrodcheta. So that is very large and is also one. Note the subtle, almost all people are virgins. Fat people are also very fucked.
    To become CLEAR
    So most downtrodden of the earth are hell ie those in his previous life lived in paradise of their Lord, the Devil. He does not tolerate vampires, wizards and calling spirits or cast spells. Not tolerate natural selection in animals and in humans. Loves those most poor and simple folk around the world who believe in predestination to life. It is not because they love Jesus but their own as well as in all other religions. I love all of God says the devil, all wronged. Why is the Devil. Because he did not create the natural selection among beings and gnusnarskiyat their way of living. this is the work of God the High Father of Jesus Christ. On the contrary, in his world without animals to struggle with their living as every creature we know a soul except for plants. Fight devil stronger than him. We see, however, that eksploatarshtinata continues to exist in other worlds. Diseases disgusting than this exist in a highly civilized worlds. So he is weaker than all. For those gnusnarski beings who call themselves Satanists he said. I do not know you do not laugh stain my holy name to the ancient gods. You taint my holy name because the devil is a competitor of God and not the opposite. Not that that some think it is - that is those other bloody gods of antiquity, you serve the basest lower and nasty creatures in the universe These are the gods of the Toltec, Aztec and other same but under assumed names held sway in Europe and Asia . Devil like Jehovah and Jesus but it is better than them because they love those who believe in them, not those who are just righteous.
    Our teachers and protectors - ANGELS
    As will become clear down the world is predestined but by whom? - Our teachers angels They are usually invisible even in the astral world. They have the right to determine our life because they see the most good, "hence" all things future events if they intervene in the destiny that God has done for us. We do not see people trying to govern himself is not a child of God. Like similar to Silva Method exercises that are contrary to God because even Jesus God commanded him. Who are you potsherd potsherds of the earth that you think you dorasnal so as to interfere in their lives and the lives of people with virtually unmanageable funds and independent of God. The answer is one - devil. For example, for misdemeanor God will punish you but if you are self-heal or heal others who must be sick. Because the disease does not come by accident. Another way to get out of the framework of predestination is to use dishonest methods to rise faster. As a result, for example, instead of the best person to take of post as it is meant to be, you idiot sit in his place. Thus, the good life goes to the bad guys. So far so good, if only angels welcome. But the problem is that demons are also considered teachers, for them it was amazing intoxicated. Crazy also fall under the influence of demons. So we need God to rule our lives and we will have no problem. And what happens when we pray to God.
    So from reading numerous trips, I realized that the worlds are good and bad, there are secondary but progress and technology do not show that the world is good. It turns out that the worlds best actually behind our progress. I was only 2 where they gave to me with respect. In the first world will nosh, a child of two years there has been here for 16 years because you were born great, not a baby. People are a little weird. I mean unless people have clean and with a different face, but it is important that good. There can not fly. The second world is progress 90s. Imat gsm but no screen, just a mobile phone. Ie there are some angels can fly. Because not everyone in the world can fly. The architectural there is quite pretty bad worlds (me bad world is one in which the group refers systematically mistreat you. Generally appear to be 10 years ahead of us. But actually have all sorts of wonders that I can not describe, but the impression of such. example, in a poor worlds all people behave with the confidence of thugs. If you are not their loved one or a friend not someone who is your only note to do something inappropriate, I'll break your tooth will be fun will hit you in the stomach. astral In someone to touch stomach hurts a lot. Otherwise our world as at first glance. I was once in heaven of a god where all game. did not see the children, for example I had saved to drive "uazka" race gravel on rough terrain. suddenly I was flying. then a woman asked me what are you I am an angel and do not fly, I replied, more than an angel.'ve been in the middle worlds which slightly differ from our but there slog 12 hours minimum. understand there if you're foreign, they'll ask for 'ZVOYNATA' Tell ZVOYNATA you mean what you say, where are you. In such cases, I break you, teleport immediately in the body. Now I remember I was in another where progress is on top of both of us will be after 20.40 years. was like Manhattan just that chistichko even bad neighborhoods were clean, such as the Bronx in New York. was no junk I'm very observant in the astral then traveled overhead subway that moves at about 100 kilometers per hour and stops far removed you can what their perceptions metropolis was. demoncheta There, however, some wanna fuck me in the ass but I escaped them. Zmachi in each world is different in the upper worlds was without his suit - the astral body., and very dangerous if someone hurt you.'ve been in such worlds with many different outfits, but all make a special air that breathes the soul. Without this pressure suit would suffocate and die because the environment, the air is different. My first outfit was very badly made bubble bubble underwater. With it, however, once I got off to hell. darkness there was nothing to be seen, however, I had a light on his head and difference to a black figure jumps at me and beamed into the body of a second, but gave me a new suit - white who tested it under water and it was so quiet I could hear the murmur of the waves against me without a problem, while the first was impossible bubbling. Elsewhere my suit was not a suit but only as armor for the genitals and buttocks. obviously have problems with astral pateshstvenitsi about sex. A last type of suit was very thick green sweat like a pig in it. But breathed through a bubble that kept me air. And it adds exclaimed this is heaven (Jehovah's Witnesses) describe it as a beautiful home in nature. And one of them burst my bubble I was scared and asked my God, take me back, and in an instant I was in the body. has 2 words I've avoided many dangerous situations "takes me" and "God help"

    So according to karma if you make a mistake you will pay for it now here or in the next life. But I wonder if a man is mature to not ever make mistakes. Old man looks into the past and see many mistakes some very significant, others not so, and all made in the moment without thinking. Just as some killers in anger or under the influence of alcohol. I wonder why they have to suffer here in a prison and then in the future life to be born at a bad place and suffer. As justice is. What a world this is. Could not we all always smart and do never mistakes? Another. Why do animals have sharp teeth - to tear meat. To eat one another, who created it? Jehovah you? Were not these same gods of the pagans who worshiped? In which countries are treated without mercy to captives - making them slaves. Which gods served? - Wood and stone. Image of what they created. Because all is now clear that the world was created by one God, but from many good and bad gods. Now why are not we all equally beautiful with a nice build, all equally smart to not make mistakes. It turns out so we made artificially stupid, ugly, Staros disease. Maybe without them How do you think the devil and how God's

    At the beginning of life on earth was very easy and enjoyable. Jehovah had created one. No difficulties, no problems just fun, fun and zabvlenie. And the world was totally predetermined. Everyone was there, no ranting about everyone was pleased. Came the Devil and his angels, and began to crumble predestination (only hell have free will) to destroy the world. Made people problems and difficulties and think that the world is perfect. Ie a person develops overcoming difficulties. So you know who thinks that does not know God and is son of the devil. Because they may struggle with the difficulties so they are used to - natural selection (the principle governing their worlds), so are the supporters of the theory of evolution. Such people are feisty ie drilling. God always believed that whatever is God's will for them, this is their life. They drift, because they believe that God has predestined fate. So you know my life is redefined by God to destroy the works of Dyavola.A hustle and difficulties will remain not only in the games of life. And autogenous training ie that autosuggestion health better life and more. is of the Devil. God wants to control people's lives, he was thinking only the best for them. Who wants to govern themselves is not son of God and the Devil. All exercises for self-realization, "how to become god" of the devil. Also, all exercises like yoga, Daosism and others. those who teach us to be self-healing. If we want our life to go smoothly we should be righteous and good as well as our Father. And should not we two satanic ritual (see ponadolu), if we want to be healthy.
    Predestination and Magicians

    So God intended in the most perfect manner every person's life. A witches and wizards ruin it by thinking that their way is better. These are all people who want to hold their destiny in their hands. It initiates spread of "Age of Aquarius" ie all devils. Devil has decided to take over the world. Those who can change the world are mages and such are all the ancient prophets and disciples of Christ. They are not many. But they and Christ himself commands them Bog.Dyavola amended his destiny, his children too.

    So no diseases at all. Disease makes the man himself, you just need someone to order him magically. This makes "his teachers." They spoil the car, PC, TV and washing machine etc. ones. But if you are a man of God ie righteous angels ie good then they keep those suggestions and nothing is damaged, not illness. Or if sinning. If you think that the more expensive a little upset, you are mistaken. Here are the people. Mages and warlocks have power and on the environment. But their God commands them.
    TRUTH chakra

    At the lower chakra muladhara is red, the second is svadhistana orange Manipura - Yellow, Anahata - green, blue and Vishuddha saharsara violet. Depending on which chakras you work is the color of your aura. At lower mooladhara work with her and they heal, Greys mages is Anahata, and at the Great Enchantress is saharsara. So chakras rotate in both directions clockwise and vice versa. feeling chilly. When you shower if bristled hot water so your chakras are "blown" spin - release. When you take it cool o feels how something enters the body that enters the body and loads. Each music has a particular vibration. Goa and psychedelic is the right music to listen to mages valshebitsi gods. In fear chakra which emits a level which is developed magician. If you want to develop Loading heat magical breaths and izdishvanie, this is earth energy - nizssha prana staffed with black magicians. Never raise your kundalini it is a demon who wants to conquer the higher chakras and enslave the angelic nature. We need higher prana cosmic energy to enter through the parietal Chakra - Sahasrara and reach the bottom, then we say that we are facing a real magician. Gray mages use earth and cosmic energy. They are not happy medium and some are in the service of good, some evil.

    So many people want to be gods, but these are only the best, the rest remains wizards (almost gods - only their name is different), followed by mages (these are ancient prophets and disciples of Jesus. After them are the sorcerers and witches - they create the very problems because predestined ruin - love and life
    Prohibited the drinking of blood, if not in this world then in another, sooner or later you will become a vampire.
    Prohibited ceremonial magic, spirit rapping, consults the dead, and etc.
    To prohibit any sexual ritual, magic and reinforce others. such
    To prohibit any spells death, love (physical)
    Be prohibited spells or ritual with ingredients or grass, just for curative action
    The use of shit and piss as medicine
    Prohibited acupuncture, acupressure can.
    The use of any healing herbs as an ingredient of medicinal pills, ointments and more.
    The use of the muladhara chakra to heal.
    Allow spells that work through its own magical power of the magician.
    2 satanic rituals

    So there are two Christian ritual satanic are: first receiving bread and wine at the Lord's table. Second tongues, which is added in the Bible, in the beginning these two rituals are missing, it is added in the third, fifth century of "world government" - all devils. Sit in that most disgusting place in the world Shambhala. If you do one of these two rites will be seriously ill. Or will shorten memory will zatapeem (this applies to mages and warlocks. Example, I'm like a 6 year old, my eyesight is getting worse, my power fall. Prior to easily take any hills, I'm worse than a woman. So Think not loving God Jesus to invent such a curse to the ignorant or "unworthy." Same happened with beggars and those who dig in the trash.
    Have to sleep on a soft, because when we are most relaxed going into the astral body and then are absolutely protected. Nobody commits suicide because off in hell. At worst our mountains is that sometimes you can go spirit and soil curse. In the mountains of Israel is well. Also if you are wondering how people start businesses of a sudden, it is because they sign a contract with the devil, and he gives them the money and those who work with an honest attempt to develop business anywhere is not enough or remain a small business. We will, however, take the money of the rich and will give to the poor while there are poor and weak people. As it is written "26 For God gives delight man wisdom, knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up - to give you everything is good before God." / Ecclesiastes 2:26 /
    TRUTH of right and wrong
    So Jews and Arabs live properly. They write in the correct way, thinking the right way So to tell you everything is reversed. All white mages are actually all black and black is white. White ie bad breath and exhale and absorb heat in the body so loaded with energy. Black (they see us as such), ie the best load by chill. This energy we create, destroy them. They are also more restless constantly fighting. We must be like the Arabs and Jews. Women and men fortunately seen in their true gender. Devil white Jesus for black and white Jesus is the Devil for Black. Who to choose Jesus. Let me tell you that the real Jesus was the Devil. Me also think I'm the devil and I'm just a real magician sent to turn the worlds for the better while sleeping. This makes my spirit magician if I was the spirit I'd be exactly the same. We are both sent by God to improve the world. !

    Which in the past God chose simple herdsmen such are today are scattered Jews who have only one wife and not cheat or are virgins. These are the drivers and people vestnikoprodavtsi with normal, professions affected. Those rich smart for them Jehovah (Yahweh) says do not know them because they are Satanists, consciously or unconsciously. for who is rich here except Satanists, so I say Pentecost churches have entered into an alliance with the devil, because they have so much money that often unnecessarily. Complete decay of cities, especially in Haifa. This world is falling apart from filth and obscenity. Satanists have taken the most senior posts in the world IT'S NOT THE JEWS. These were born perhaps in Jewish families, but God knows them. Because the Devil run this world.

    God is alien, we also ie angels. We descended to Earth to save God. We are so-called soldiers or battle mages, no magic spell or another can not hurt us if we're fucked. Because women are the work of the devil. we must protect the virgin who are like us not to fuck. For of such is the kingdom of heaven. 30 years and over take us. Comes space ship lifted us into the air and take us by taking us to heaven. There are no computers, no movies, music but any pleasures that God fill your time completely. If you do not understand this world + astral worlds finest (where progress is at the top) are the worlds of the Devil. There is much work though and technology are at the top. Childhood izhavrlyat them to hell if they do not knock. To not do so must eat almost vegetarian. If we are accustomed to meat, very easy to cut the astral body ie our spirit from the body. Note that Astral body is like a man who thinks, hears, sees, has hands and feet, through him seers see, hear, etc. everything where their astral body. It is our suit in which even if we are in hell will not burn. To disable do not cut it with pork and other and pass on chicken and fish, then just soup without meat. Magicians are fallen angels who have fucked, and more than 30 years. Note that they are quite weak vsravnenie if they were fucked. To save, stop the fucking and must save a minimum of 20 virgin, ie not knocking minimum to 30 years, then also can not. But God takes them a space ship. As regard Jesus as Elijah took as took Enoch and many others that are considered missing.

    Ultimate truth
    So listen vimatelno my experience. I hear the Lord, the devil, angels and demons. You also hear them. But God's voice is very difficult to recognize. One comes to me and says I'm a glorious solo will teach you high magic, says this is the best. My spirit - my astral body believed him. And started inhaling exhaling, and I felt the warmth that went upside down on my body. Will not let me sleep and I see that the window of my room. Because angels protect me and do not cherry magician (I later learned) in my room. I vice that you do. God loves us, we are white mages. And those blacks want us to fail. Began to teach me to throw spells say that out for me very quickly (become black magician is very easy but Then God will not let us go to heaven) I think I'm on the path of God. Come to me all mages even from foreign worlds and you and I see them. We see God. These bad saying he should not go into the astral. You should know that astral projection is the worst of all occult activities. When you're black (with breathing exercises inhalation) command you to come out in nizsshiya, rough, black astral and they lead to a black mass, where they make you drink blood and Participate in shabasha - orgy. So the most powerful angels make full bolkuk and nothing good he can do in the world, then falls into hell where burns. If we become black then prayer to God will help you to cry and breathe through the mouth and gradually become white. If we are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, you, everything will wash us and we will again become angels. Stay clean and white in the name of Jesus Christ will come a time about 30 years ago, will rule the world like it. He loves you very much and you're welcome to it to help people advocate you to the world God has long way to annihilate him.

    So the Devil is A perfect creature as the Bible describes it. He just wants to compete with God by saying that the laws are better than those of God. And created their own worlds are in no way inferior to God. The difference between God and the devil is that the Devil could not give a fuck. There reaches only the best and high moral people. Because not think most highly elevated fall to such baseness that organize shabasha-orgies, and making people fuck and suck blood. This is the work of men who want to rule the people and they are subordinate to them and defame the true God Jehovah, who is the devil. This makes the angels to attract some of the The Special then once they get them, throw them to Christianity and thus save souls supposedly sinful sons of Jehovah. Let me tell you that lunatics are those who hear the demons angels and God Himself. They began to hear because they are fucked. And who has not fucked never became seriously ill. God loves him and keep him as their child. After knocking one begins to get sick. So if you encounter people on the streets talking to themselves they are not crazy and sons who hear my voice, saith the Lord God. Such demons attach them here them talking about them crazy. And when they die send them to hell just because they fucked This world is closed. Here we lie, this world is the world of fucking. Like us steal them from higher worlds because the world is blessed for us. But here we do not want to go to their tune and therefore are trying to drive us crazy. I'll tell you a story. A friend of mine talking in school classroom while the teacher was with us as well as the entire class. This friend of mine did something with his fingers and I began to stutter on the first syllable, and so 40 seconds. Do something again with his fingers and I stopped stuttering. But nobody in the class or the teacher said nothing, not even laughed. The conclusion - they knew! Later I realized that he has shown istiskoto face. So the conclusions are two. He was an angel, he was the devil. I knew that it was immoral at least the number of girls who went. He was a devil, he was one of those who was appointed to fuck virgins. So here hell and authorities have the means and ways that the average person does not even suspect. Svyaliha me as my mind I'm like 13 year old and I'm 26 sometimes as a Christian I read some forums and get hard or tired. Who are the poor who beg, that angels came from a perfect and super world to help the world. And these very rich, they are the most perverted that are spread all porn homosexuality and debauchery in his previous life. Consider for example, why I can not organize the Church of God and Mormons can and then some - it is in America. And all bolkuk there. From there, the money comes in many churches. Istinaskiyat devil is tormenting highly moral people, perverse set of widely. I therefore can not yet accept pedesyatnite societies are the signs and wonders that will carry the True Devil and bigger than them. These are egregore, this is not God. Devil again is preorodil in Dr. Yonggi Cho of Seoul church which numbers 700,000 members (see the truth for visualization). Jesus will say to them I never knew you.
    "22 On that day many will say to me Lord, Lord, not in Your name prophesied in Your name, cast out demons there, and in Your name done many mighty works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never I knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. " / Matthew 7:22-23 /

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    "Free choice is so much unconditioned by foreign will, and as such appears FREE CHOICE as more facts are given to man to see what good and what evil However, since none exists, or if it is, he would be Before the birth THEREFORE ARE ONE sheep, and other goats, THIRD Oh?% 92CHARI fourth wolves and dogs THERE STAFF