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  • TRUTH about reincarnation from 27.08.2003
  • What awaits God on earth from 2.09.2003
  • HOW DOES GOD from 19.09.2003
  • What happens after we die from 20.09.2003
  • TRUTH visualization on 7.10.2003
  • sinking IN DEEPER -from 5.10.2000
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  • TRUTH about reincarnation

    So the angels descend to Earth with 7 or 8 life. Abraham had 6 (number of corners of the sign of the Jews). Hell have 5. These are incarnations them remain. You decide if God can still add to their 1.2. Demons have two incarnations are homos, lesbians and transvestites, etc. For those incarnations they must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ or else burned. Normal people have 3 to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ or else burned. This order is established by Jesus Christ. Angels have more because they are the biggest helpers of God on earth in the flesh, these are great magicians - wizards: harvesters. They reap weeds, among others can also be great healers, trained elements of the sea and the land. Their births are serving God. Once they decide they can go, they never burn unless you become demons and such are homos, lezb ..... etc. Kinky and this is impossible because God keeps his own. Hell have 5 because they are the light path. They are much closer to God than the demons. Because hell are deceived angels and now craft devious use and demons are junk. But it is not complete and Satanists ie ignorant people who think they are gods Based on your knowledge of magic - spells.

    What awaits God on earth

    What I expected good Earth is only good, except that it just get better and perfected after repent, ie already God, they will not get sick, even their teeth will not deteriorate. You also are one of the smartest and most wealthy. None of their material things will not be damaged and wear out as fast as with unbelievers. As God kept the clothes on their feet and people 40 years as they walked through the desert. View / Deut 8:4 /. Also nothing will not get tired as quickly as unbelievers God will get sick and suffer only if present sin the Lord. Ie they will not suffer for past sins that are committed by nevyarvashi as before. Everything forgive if they repent and start afresh. What is repentance? This is not only acceptance of Jesus Christ in the heart. This is a change of behavior "16 Wash you, make you clean, put away my eyes from the evil of your doings, cease to do evil, 17 Learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the oppressor, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. 18 Come now, let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. " / Isaiah 1:16-18 /
    Must also hate homos, lesbians transvestite who develop these porn all Satanists. see FOR ALL kinky There are other things that cause should make every single of which will be taught by God repents each time.


    God when he wants to hit someone quickly and effcacious only he can do, his deteriorating assessment. A judgment is with the help of ajna chakra (third eye, it's intuition) which enables one to see how things will develop in time (the length of time depends on how open the third eye) from the future. If your player exchange that's pretty bad for you if you are a driver that is fatal to you. If not fatal become inaccurate in their actions, and therefore, the quality of The activity you do. Unlike the mind, they hit God vitality feels muladhara chakra svdhistana and responsible for your vital forces. Then there can be felt burning. And as a result your powers so can drop that can get you sick to insolation easy, you can not walk, panting from walking. Sometimes it is magic, it is sufficient to sweat hubavichko and it will come from us. The mind of a match is enough for God to close the third eye, reduce the discretion of the player and passes are inaccurate and vice versa to increase the player's discretion (discretion to increase above the normal level for that person) and surgery to remove part accuracy increases. That is why it is tough to predict the outcome of matches. God can always intervene on your own reasons and change the preset. One intervene if for some skilled at veshtarstvoto can hurt yourself. Because human intervention or 1% neutral at best or 99% of malignant veshtarya / kata. People are different both in physical condition and mentally it is predetermined. WE ARE NOT IN UNIFORM strongly should help rather than despise weaker, ELSE THAT THEY were sin in the next life if they have more (see above TRUTH about reincarnation), they are weak it is guaranteed.

    What happens after we die

    After a man dies, he leaves the body and heads into the astral where he spends most of the time waiting for a new birth certificate, if there is such ponagore see TRUTH about reincarnation. "World is similar to ours except that the higher the developed spiritual person, so a higher world falls where the standard of living is very high, there is high-tech computers rather than ride the lizzie 80 years. Cause there is such a zone in the astral. There your body is not as fine as in highly developed world but rather coarse and thick. Once it's time for rebirth embark in one of three areas accessible to humans on Earth. (7,6,5), unless God they liked and decided to make you an angel. The world in general is divided into seven zones or areas as some call them. In the 7 field is bad. The water is bitter and everything is done to annoy someone to enjoy life there. Here come the worst, after being at the lower astral sphere. If there is something good in you, but bad is reborn here and live in misery, your body sick very often, your teeth spoil Often this is sixth sphere. 5 area it's paradise, with the difference that you can fuck and eat without disease etc. 5 area is reachable here in the earthly life. So maybe you lived in the sixth sphere, but to go in 5 ponagore see what should be the earth to paradise. But if you want to be rich in heaven, need to accumulate the treasures of heaven. And they gain by helping their neighbors. As Jesus said: "33 Sell your possessions and give alms, provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in heaven, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys." / Luke 12:33 /. Cause maybe you wretch in paradise. 4 area are all like angels. "But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage. 36 Neither can they die because they are equal to angels and the resurrection are the children of God. But there is food, no waste products "These are angels who have no more special service of God, but simply live. / Luke 20:35-37 / On 3 field are seraphim, no food. 2 field are angels cherubs by Gabriel Michael and Samael before sin, etc. like. 1 field is the Supreme God.

    TRUTH visualization

    Visualization is an occult method of impact on the world, people or himself and is very popular in occult circles. Also Dr. Yonggi Cho's church in Seoul which counts 700,000 members recommend this method to improve health or financial position. To read about it pray here . As you will see from there, God Himself told him to use visualization as a prayer. His church belongs to charismatic churches pedesyatnite ie societies where the angels speak. Do signs and wonders, healings as you read the link above. But how did Jesus miracles isklyuchaem loaves. He prays to the Father to mind for healing and God answers. "22 On that day many will say to me Lord, Lord, not in Your name prophesied in Your name, cast out demons there, and in Your name done many mighty works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never I knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. "/ Matthew 7:22,23 / This only applies to the church of Dr. Yonggi Cho, not all pedesyatni churches. Well, those that indicate that covet money or sprayed money away without any serious need, thereby indicating that the devil they sponsor read Rebecca Brown (see library).

    9. Floundered IN DEEPER

    Spells allow a person to do impossible things. This is one of the pitfalls. Actually want to kill myself. The other side is that if you go in this environment, you will learn syllables like crazy, it makes you life depends. So you better trudge but glorious. Another scam is the visualization (intentionally fantasizing: color, sound, smell, sense). Example to calm you imagine the sea. See the waves Hear splash, you see the reflection of the sun in the water, etc., perhaps feel the sun beating down your skin. Generally it. But that person is providing opportunities, go crazy. The result is upset psyche in more cases. A very small percentage will get used to the voices. Others commit suicide or enter into a madhouse. So I say to these idiots. First check who is the man you want to open to the spiritual world. Rate it carefully and resolutely resist it? And what else it gets corrupted people. Thank God that Christianity has always where can get help, but first read the book carefully Rebecca Brown "Preparation for War" Hear voices, see visions, partly made you part of your teachers and maybe murderers. If the video you worried holding his hand third eye (middle of forehead) Well it's not so bad once you get here. All talk and nothing more. And it might be added sensations. So will scream in pain (soon to fade). But right now we are on the road. The diagnosis of the psychiatrist: split, raztroyavane, dis-"n" executing. Maybe you better, maybe not who knows. Not worth the risk. Kidding the voices and visions also still partly your echo, echo of experience, but also by those who decided her to you educating her kill you. Me a month I talked "will die, you will die." However, since I do not respond adequately (not kill myself) changed their strategy. Try to talk to them in another language. This for the last proves once again that people want to destroy you. I began as an example of Russian, they stammer Bulgarian and losing connection. If they were spirits would be threaded. These are my people. Certainly there are organizations that work with any psychological weapons, the objective is recruited or destruction of the human race. In nature there are no voices, unless your supervisors are not around, or there are people. I do not know yet their perimeter of influence. But in all cases you must be away from the village. Absolute silence. But it is a bit harder, it is easier to stop the movement, if even breathing. No wonder if you are weak. Maybe get some help. Some psychic. Let's be careful not to shove for those who want to kill us (the same goes for psiatrichnata assistance). Of discretion. According to religious demons, another will tell you that you made magic etc. So someone wants to take advantage of you, you take her occult powers (which are still in its infancy) her to serve him. But as you can affect people her through visualization (preferably before spells) so to you. Purity wins, the one who is good he will win. In the teachings of Don Juan mentions that more specific actually have a large energy storage devices. As I read your sex kneads energy partner / kata. Maybe you want to lower the enrgiyniyat your potential. So Jesus says, "who wanted his neighbor, has prelyubodystval with her in his heart." And what to say about orgies organized by various "spiritual" communities such as New Age, for example. Why the Bible advises, "let every man have his own wife and each woman her own husband to avoid fornication. And also elsewhere says that sleeping with a prostitute becomes one with it. God forbid you to go to a prostitute, or sleeping with whores. horror.
    Acupuncture, Acupressure, Meredith, which are formed by the points. All of this is teaching Daosism. Priyomite and techniques for health people away from God. However, if God created humans. He has the right to control their health, for example, thus we advise daosistite to treat: massage dots, Meredith. One who has provided this knowledge is not the devil. If we sin, God will punish us (to be sick for example), but with this knowledge, we will fix it myself, there is no need to pray to God. Teaching Daosism directly associated with magic.
    I would advise you to go with a psychic (some say that psychics are dressed Satanists), so that there do not know what you do. The other point is that as a goal of Taoism stands achieving immortality. "And that what lies in the hearts of all men." This technique called "breath of immortal magician" was dangerous, so that no danger to burn your nerves. So were these series of exercises and workouts to become strong nerves. I do not know I have not tried. But it is also a trap designed to kill and take off in hell I guess. This is Kundalini Yoga - the doctrine of the seven chakras. In relation to energy. Daosistite recommend avoiding physical exercise, "which can beautify the body but can not heal. This is a waste of energy." Exercises that aim to preserve and restore the stored energy the body despite their visual primitive. "But others we do POWER is call Kundalini.
    There's another catch "ceremonial magic" - the cry of spirits. And so shout it take your soul.
    Actually there is no black and white as they say all the same evil. If we come to such predopredleno is be careful not to get us to serve them. Are neither smart, a little more knowledge. Older are, and are more vulnerable. Disco sits and waits like scum recruits. January will try to seduce a beautiful girl / boy depends on gender. Throw charms and illusion. So in the Bible for such beauty is said that "breath." The goal is one if not fed man to neutralize.

    Actually, there is one other perspectives on issues of occult

    the book is Rebecca Brown "Preparation for War", which helps a former occultist (17g. was in Satanism) to get out of there. Chapter 10 in particular talks about the doors that open and in entering the demons. In occultism constantly talk about "energy" is this energy by Rebecca Brown actually sit and demons.
    The whole thing is to squeeze in above us. These are human spirits or demons. May is a big difference between them is gone. They say that some go out of their bodies, astral projection, these are human spiritual that speaks Rebecca Brown.
    Rebecca BROWN:
    "The average person is protected from them, but I went with a fortune teller in a magician if even harmless divination coffee or cards will open the doors of man to the demons. A thing is hateful to God." Shall not be found among you any one which spends son and daughter through the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, astrology, fortune teller or sorcerers or medicine man (throwing spells) or consults the dead (medium), or hath a familiar spirit (Spiritualist) because anyone who does such works is an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God will drive out those nations (Hittites) from before thee ... For these nations, which thou shalt possess hearkened unto diviners, but you LORD your God has not allowed that. / Vtrozakonie 18:10-14 / "Do not refer to the questioner dead (evil spirits-mediums) do not look for them to not be polluted by them, I am the Lord God gative" / Leviticus 19:31 /. "Only one visit out of curiosity enough your entire life to fail .... astral projection and magic in all types and also refers to it." Also with the use of herbs can open door to the devil. "Many supporters of herbs and store owners herbs are also included in witchcraft. Stale They (use spells) over the grass, so the healing effect is so strong."
    "The same applies to stores selling healthy products. Huge amount of these owners are under the influence of Hindu gurus. Senior yoga teachers openly declare that their food is prepared by people engaged in meditation, so it contains the "right vibrations" to amend "spiritual condition" of the person who receives it. Be careful that the correct vibrations are demons. " "Yoga is also one of the doors, which some considered to be harmless. I describe in chapter 13 that the purpose of yoga is to contact or come under the influence of industkiya god Brahma. Yoga this is not just a physical exercise. Impossible to separate yoga from the Hindu religion, because yoga is a religion itself. never served without teaching meditation and mental health. purpose of Kundalini Yoga as is lifting and control of power Kundalini. Kundalini means a ring of rope or snake. And is the name of a Hindu god symbolizing snake sleeping with tail in mouth. This snake is in the human body, in the tail of the spine. When someone falls under the control of such a god he assumed power, authority and wisdom, as well as many physical abilities , even healing abilities. Kundalini power is not nothing but a demon. Kundalini Yoga widely used in physical therapy to reduce kravoechenieto a wide range of use in medicine. This is demonic healing. Tantra yoga has become very popular in Europe and the Nordic countries in the field of medicine and the destruction of the people. Tantra Yoga - this is pure Satanism based on casualties. Teachers of tantra yoga, talk about different energies, vibrations, forces, but all this is nothing but demons "...." All eastern meditations appear objective of "self-realization" and reaching "higher consciousness." "Self-it is a process in which a person learns to control his spirit." Higher consciousness "this is an achievement of man, where he established communication with various demoncheski spirits" .... "in Scripture meditation is not passive. Sataniskata meditation is passive . Satan wants people to "cleanse" their understanding of different thoughts. This opens a wide door for all kinds of demons and their influences, because God has told us to control every way mislal and not "delete" your mind. If you do not control your mind, Satan will control it. "For though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. And bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. / 2 Cor 10:3-5 / The place of the scripture clearly shows that we ought to control our own understanding, rather than delete it. Any teaching of meditation, which is said to not have to wipe my mind of different thoughts or repeating a certain phrase comes from Satan. "And when you pray do not use unnecessary repetitions, as the Gentiles do, for they think they will be heard because of their many words" / Matthew 6:8 /. "SILVA MIND (method), hypnosis and self-hypnosis is often used in motion" New Age "... This technique causes people to practice direct relations with demons. Acupuncture - this is a form of demonic healing. Goal of acupuncture is called kundalini forces to bring healing to the people. Biofitbeg is very popular in various clinics. Helps control headaches and blood pressure. Biofitbeg also communicate with the spirit world, as various forms of self-hypnosis and meditation. It helps people to control their spiritual body, which control the physical. Such healing brings demonic nature. "...." I firmly believe that visualization This is key to establishing contact with the spiritual world. Often used in meditation and also in the control of reason Silva and different mental healings. All these things are open entrance to the demons. "
    I: There are people from the youngest age have compulsive demons due to the fact that the unit spirit soul in them is one. These people are half spirit, half human.
    Rebecca BROWN:
    "In chapter 9 I discuss the reason in which sexual sins open the doors for demons ... Scripture clearly says that same-sex sex, sex with animals, sex with someone else besides husband / da, sex with demons is a sin. Sexual relations outside of marriage virtually always end with demonic infestation. For this reason God gave many instructions to his people about sexual purity ... Violence and violent perversion especially critical in children, this is a wide door that I encountered during my medical practice. Through this door the man fall most powerful and mighty demons. Reviewing pornograficheski material also opens the door to demons. "
    Evidently that sexual promiscuity will fill with anything, especially for women. No wonder then the child is simply "fell through." January addict will become her something else) because the soul of the child is attracted to the spiritual purity of the mother.
    Rebecca BROWN:
    "Abortion is human sacrifice that God Self, which is Satan. No difference between what was practiced in the Old Testament (the offering of children by fire. "Judo and karate can seem like quite harmless physical sport. Unfortunately this is not so. Imitation These have been developed from a culture that is based on the worship of demons and professionalism based on demonic power. Turns so that everything goes the order of normal is associated with demons. "East people know that they call the power of their gods. Different cries used in martial arts also have a form of magic spells. If you are careful you will see that those who engage in such sports are obliged to shout and issue such sounds. Magic spell also appears to be the movement and position of the hands eg when the palms are facing each other on the face. In occult organizations these characters have real magical significance. Since ancient times, the movement of the hands and body have always been meaning to call demons. The majority of people already infected by demons in time when they reach "brown belt" ... "One of the clear features of these demons is arrogant attitude. Those people is practically impossible to trust Jesus Christ. One step always leads to another. If one is dealing with a simple judo will soon begin to deal with karate, yoga. " The music also opens the door to demons.
    I: The author gives an example rock. But what about trance music, in its shaped goa trance in which use different oriental motifs. Ham trances - deleting your mind, yet are called demons. Mmm be somewhat true. But let's read 4 Kings 3:14-17. We see that in order to hear God Elisha should fall into a trance!) So trance music and Goati can also be used for good or evil. I also make music similar look here "


    Rebecca BROWN:
    Let's look at one more question concerning to Roman Catholicism. Prayer for the dead. "If someone says that fraud is a participation in liiturgiite and worship saints to obtain intercession before God. To be anathema" (Council Trendski str149 canon 5).
    Trendskiya Board has determined as described below on the liturgy for the dead people. "Although the church worships in their liturgies exalting and glorifying the saints. It does not teach them that victims are offered, are offered to the God himself that it was crowned. So the priest is not obliged to speak "to you or you Paul Peter I sacrifice" but thanked God for their victories, he must begs them (saints) to intercede in heaven, and we will mention them solemnly land. (Ibid page 146). This canon clearly indicates that Catholics pray directly, interact, ask the spirits of the dead to intercede for them before God. Intercession of Mary that is a central doctrine of Catholicism ..... ". Such prayer and fellowship with the saints, does not differ from the occult seances in which they invoke the spirits to gain their support. Bible strictly prohibits such connections. Between God and man there is only one mediator-Biblical Jesus Christ. "For there is one God and one mediator between people, the man Christ Jesus" / 1 Timothy 2:5 /. "
    Let porazmislim of Vanga (meaning "evil spirit." In life he was psychic, medium, etc. And when he died made it holy. Interestingly enough, most healers, magicians advised stacks acts on the Orthodox Church when you cast a spell . example sitting under the dome, to light candles, etc. And so it's white magic. Incense they use is not nothing but a scent that attracts "good spirits." Dark forces also heal, as it became clear upward .)
    Rebecca BROWN:
    "For those readers who appear members of the Roman Catholic Church, I must openly say that you have been deceived. Ye worship and serve a false Jesus, who is the devil." (Comment: Rebecca Brown said that for Catholics, I add the same for the Orthodox. Well if you do not care where you will spend eternity (in Hell), walk and pray to the saints. Protection will get to. But God considers an abomination to communicate with the dead and ask them to help).
    In chapter 11 The author also explains about the spirit of Pentecost (Evangelical Church) and warns about the gift of the Holy Spirit, "speaking in tongues".
    Rebecca BROWN:
    Since this gift is prepared in principle by laying hands on the head. "Hands nobody Commit rash, do not get involved in the sins of others, keep yourself pure." / 1 Timothy 5:22 /. "My dear reader, let me warn you that I must abide to be very careful about who lay hands on you and whom you contracting. If you give yourself to someone you do not know can find the demon ... of hands, often used in occult rituals to open man to the demons' "If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let two or three, and each in turn, and one to translate. But if there is no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church, let him speak to himself and to God" / 1 Cor 14:27 28 / Disobedience of this scripture has opened wide doors at the church, demonic influence. Satanists no problem they can speak the same languages ??derived from demons. They curse the church, the pastor and the people and no one knows, because no one translated and no one feels the spirit ... The fact that Catholics speak in tongues is not proof that they are filled with the Holy Spirit. How can the Holy Spirit to act and manifests itself in the system of idolatry?

    How to close a door to demons. If you have open in your life, this is what you need. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. / 1 ??John 1:9 /. If you take part in the above activities, you can close the doors as you pray this prayer with: Father, I confess that I was / and included in _________________. I recognize that these things are an abomination to you., I humbly ask for forgiveness for my sins in this area., I beseech thee to deliver me from demonic influence, the result of my actions . Please cleanse me from sin and to close that door forever by the precious blood of Jesus. I please and thank you in the name of Jesus Christ. then I advise you to disable Satan and his demons strong after saying a prayer. Satan and your demons! I asked my Heavenly Father for forgiveness, so that I was / and participant / chka in _______________. Now faith shut the doors in this area of ??my life now and forever with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, which He shed for me the cross. In the name of Jesus I command Htristos to leave me and never come back. " In some cases, when we are overwhelmed by powerful demons will need help from another person or people who will be praying for our release. If we pray honestly and desire liberation, regardless of the price that will have to pay. The Lord will guide you and give you a hint what to do. God will free the captives. "
    If you ask me, we should be careful, because in the evangelical churches have people who hunt demons, but I wonder if the spirit of that chase is the spirit of Satan, our state will become worse. Therefore "test the spirits". It's good to read the whole book, so that I can hardly embrace it all. There already and Bulgarian translation

    1. Rebekka Braun "Preparation for War-Russian"
    1a. Rebekka Braun "Preparation for war-of Bulgarian"
    2. Emmanuel Eni "delivered from the power of darkness" ispoved a former Satanist - Russian Comment: Hmm book is a sci-fi novel, but there is much truth
    3. place where I got these two books "

    A and now a book that will help us to draw a conclusion and defeat.
    2. Ńāčäåņåėü koldovstva Garri-Wright
    1. "Svidetely koldovstva"-backup

    Conclusion: we can do as a sum of all the above said is following: There are ghosts. Spirits are attracted to this and that and repel each other. So meat eaters attract spirits who persecute others. Therefore occultists are vegetarians. And Rebecca Brown recommended to eat meat. Egregore this is the modern name of the big spirits. Those who drink blood (satanic rituals) attract some spirits. It is known that ordinary smoke against all spirits. But there are incense sticks that can attract, so just be careful. Incense also has this effect pieeneto urine too (some "magicians" recommend it). I recommend the method of Louis Kuhne not see anything healthy. Hey you stuff. That's the whole HAMALOGIYA. The rest are details. Spirits, ghosts, spirits. For Christians demons. But let us remember what Jesus Christ said: "But when you enter the house salute it. And if the house be worthy, let him come to your peace. But if the house is not worthy, let your peace return to you" / Luke 10:5, 6 Matthew 10:13 /. "Peace" is actually a ghost, so to speak, seems good. Now who is the spirit of what attracts and repels what are the details. According to 1 Corinthians 12:8-11, "For to one is given the word of wisdom, to another with knowledge of another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another to distinguish between spirits, to another divers kinds of tongues, to another the translated languages ??... etc. Evidently that sin rejects God's spirit, and attracts other spirits opposed to the Spirit of God. interesting is that good deeds attract the Spirit of God and the evil spirit of the devil. But as if section devilish spirits are also divided into two parts: doing good and doing evil. Occultism is that to know who does what and spirit of how to attract, and everything else is of spirit. But of course, something has to give. Blood (in satanic rituals). animal sacrifices that people have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice some exemplary sacrifice in Orthodoxy. Sexual Energy - (SHABASHA) = orgy. This event is organized only Satanists. mental energy, prayer songs to the glory of God (God is spirit).

    11. Idiot

    Most beautiful women are illusion, call it old charm. God hates sorcerers. The Bible says "milovidnosta is deceitful and beauty is vain," but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Good to read Proverbs 5:15-20.
    According to psychology one who hears voices suffers from schizophrenia. But in reality parvonchalno certain group of people you talk, we must abide in mind that our ears are already in the spiritual world. You can hear the unconscious thoughts. The other thing is that they are tied to the talkative spirits (start of recording psychrotrophic weapon). I always look to stay as an observer, but sometimes also maitapya cruel with them. Who is to blame that the voices or by psychologists to nebiknoven All you say? Yes but not so long that they are either not forbid or deliberately trying to freak out why "others" (in vast majority have no such complaints). So those who claim that "people can not live without them" guilty. Suckers!! . Requesting Help!, It is no secret that a good magician will forward an evil evil if you want someone back lend to each other. So be careful with these healers, psychics and things like scum. Well there is good but go find them! or guess they are. THESE ARE actor-eminently liars. They could pass for Christians who chase demons. and whatnot. Unsaid that no faithful followers of Jesus Christ, but a little. Used phantom (see it but it is not in fact illusions, etc.). In some fights we've seen in movies how a fighter becomes 4, and indeed is one. Same but now in a new version. I like to look like. For example, the most expensive car new model itself also make beautiful, etc. tend to have ........ nedosagemi, so that no one would hang them and understand the quasi job. Sometimes act as policemen, as appropriate. SO WE IN ANY WAY TO ANY despised. Call themselves government. What make-shit. The method of these treacherous black angels satoi try to kill you with your own hands. How do I clarified above, but to repeat it in ON NEW VERSION. So hit them in the heart (feelings mild pain) or away from it. But the average person unfamiliar with the methods of these witches! Through their imagination, so that you see there's nothing but blood pump, and because they do not allow outside influence, says that this is actually the heart. Then started complaining of heart pains, takes the doctors and himself being who creates his heart handle in principle autoantigen training.
    Once you're on the road BEING A cross-legged at HARMFUL EVENT AND HANDS should be our daily lives, there is a pose. I do not know how they call it I call her posture "owl", squatting with legs tucked his chin resting on knees and hands are clasped as you comfortably on the feet or on the shoulders. These are postures that should occupy when we want to think clearly and cleanly and when we attacked. I say this because there are some who recommend a different position, for example, sit on a chair in the palms of the hands / in the hips facing upwards. The legs are not crossed. SO if you sit absolutely unprotected. OWL posture is tested and proven over time. The Bible is also good to have nearly ALWAYS - read Psalm. I personally sit, when started hitting me, I think there Why?.
    Here's what I found at a site on the Internet to wedge:

    Abjuration (Protect) Politically coded construct zashtitnūh spell. Kazhdoe through NFI intended dlya predotvrashtenie or otmenū vozdeystviya magicheskogo żffekta or exiles magicheskogo sushtestva. Part ispolyzuyutsya dlya obespecheniya safety in danger of life or dlya kogda Caster hochet proiznesti potentsialyno danger dlya ego life spell ...

    Alteration (transmutation) Spells vūzūvayushtie changes svoystvah Cacoj th uzhe realyno sushtestvuyushtey items sozdaniya or discopathy. Żto dostigaetsya potokom magicheskoy żnergii, perekachivaemoy cherez volshebnika.

    Conjuration / Summoning (Sozdanie / vūzov) Spell dostavlyaet kasteru chto-Libo-otkuda Libo. Conjuration obūchno No Manufacturer things around chego-Libo and Summoning pozvolyaet kasteru vūzvaty zhivūe sozdaniya and pomoshty yourself or poluchity cherez magicheskiy channel flow dopolnitelynoy żnergii ..

    Enchantment / Charm (Zacharovanie / Obvorozhenie) No Manufacturer spells quality change things or otnoshenii personū or sozdaniya. Enchantment y ou pridaty magicheskie properties obūknovennoy items in its time y ou how Sharm vliyaty behavior sushtestva.

    Divination (Foretelling) Spells pozvolyayut volshebniku izuchaty long ago zabūtūe sekretū, predskazūvaty budushtee, nahodity spryatannūe items and even items zakrūtūe magicheskoy zavesoy.

    Illusions / Phantasms (Illyuzii) Spells menyayushtie vospriyatie reason mogushtie zastavity people videty items kotorūh of samom delle Net slūshaty sound kotorūe not izdavalisy or vspominaty sobūtiya, kotorūe nikogda not sluchalisy.

    Invocation / Evocation (Vzūvanie / Vūzūvanie) Spell peredaet magicheskuyu żnergiyu dlya sozdaniya spetsificheskogo żffekta or materialov. Invocation obūchno polagaetsya of sushtestvovanie vūsshey silū (kotoroy adresovano spell)., And Evocation pozvolyaet kastuyushtemu adjacent rabotaty with żnergiey.

    Necromancy (Necromancy) Rot around naibolee ogranichennūh school. Rabotaet over vosstanovleniem life mertvūh sozdaniy. Hotya żta school nevelika ff spells end silynū and end poleznū dlya Various avantyuristov.

    Come inside YOU SWIM will study AS NENOERMALEN syllable, Thank God I will never deal with this!

    And these people think they are powerful! Ha ha ha. look at how pathetic. they think they can do anything to anything (just a rumor), making them highly. Ha ha ha. They think they know PMC syllable (call them spells it with pride) them RULE powerful. EVEN arranged by levels. Everybody speaks extraordinary abilities possibilities etc. But give this knowledge how you think about what makes you like that? Just because poznieto. We think we're stupid, want you work.
    I see you when need to learn syllables like crazy. The other thing is fast survived almost by accident. Dull very quickly chematize be. I do not feel angry about that you weed, Sirs srichkosrichashti. Well that's why you want to undermine the smooth, trying to suck as weed from its power plant, so it can not bear fruit as it should. Because the true magician of magician as far as the stars of the earth. Go look at what happens when the magician realize. "The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance will wash his feet in the blood of the wicked" / Psalm 58:12 /

    YOU have no idea how much work HAVE TIA. And not for pleasure. They do not know what happiness is, so I wanted to entice AND OTHER done the same. EY and remember that "this knowledge" FOR WHICH TIA talk about is secret so that you can hardly find something valuable online. If you do not stop the voices, ie knowledge we has set aside the protection of the common man, let it be known that each one of us can hear clearly the voice of God, for example as Elijah, John the Baptist, etc., but also and evil spirits.


    So then, I'm not the first who discovered it, but it is universal secret that employers exploit their workers, ie RICH unlikely to have if they are not simple folk who these assholes keep on pennies. Well many of these good people are used to, otherwise who knows what would have been riots. You must agree that if every boss paid properly to the worker. standard of living would be much better. Because it HERE TO BEGIN not head home to 1000.2000 lev per month, and to keep the worker on 10%, even I like to call it generosity. Give him 43.8% of the profits with an employer and one worker. If more workers. Things are calculated this way: If 8000lv is pure profit, and workers 9. A going like this:
    a = 8000/10
    b = a * 25/100
    c = b/10
    d = ac; This is the amount you will receive each of the nine worker 780lv
    e = d + c + b this is the amount you will receive employer 1000lv

    -Oh-oh-oh how, so I have to build viila, you only? So now we look at things globally transgressions will decrease if every employer applies fraternal worker with her at the same time will decrease and depends on the location of the boss. Several balgopriyatni consequences would follow from such a "loving your worker as yourself." The world will S0TANE IN GOOD!. But no .... , You see this man is stupid to realize that you can live with less. Kreta ABE dogs will think that the world is yours! The world belongs to the common man, you're rubbish as exploited and deceive his neighbor. Interestingly one another, search for the latest! Ok well I agree that once you were a new, hard to go back to the old. But there is another point. They want to maintain the disharmony otherwise they will lose billions. Here is an example. So "I recently was in" Germany "one. So these people have such a great system for lease just incredible." So buy your brand new car to lease for 12 months for example, but after 3 months you get tired of it. And you can change it with the new model, only some fictitious amount Supplement and ready. KVO OUT AND IF THERE ARE ANY SUCH wiseguys countries like BULGARIA throw "old model", where we are all old cars? -WE NATURALLY. So no wonder that from Western pressure to develop more slowly wants to go 10 years, and more after that to get them thrown GARBAGE us. Progress is an illusion as I clarified earlier in chapter 3 (ie, you hardly have a great need of the new, if you have not seen one word if you see something new you're happy with the old), but still! ! If you are like me, well there's that. What do you all want a better life, for example America, all moved out, somewhere. How do you want to improve life here when all flee and on top of that we honor those who keep us down low, and they want to keep us. Otherwise you will lose billions.

    Now again zadrebneya but its a fact.
    I am sure that the latest model Mercedes worth 10 times cheaper than the previous (actual price). Because improvements in it are negligible. Improvements we can talk in length 5.10 model. Hardly changed the assembly line, everything is computerized and increasingly computerized. Improvements are 0.5% in appearance, 0.1% more engine. On this car and put you wings? Not right and the price is the same. as almost no change and pay the same price for less work. Ie genes and that the Creator who made the first Mercedes in nataak everything is improved and the time to create the next model is less and at the same time is easy, that he worked on the base, but the price is the same. So What goes rob us, the same is true for software, hardware and any products, there is hardly a revolutionary discovery that make uvazhemite gentlemen of Daimler Benz to change the assembly line. In all cases, the actual price of the new model is increased, the price should fall. And so nestiga that exploit the worker, but also even steal from people to work who are not invested. And what happens to accumulate huge amounts of money. So imbalance gets disharmony Some of them are very rich, the other poor. If razleem the wealth of all the most wealthy people in the world just melt ie FINANCIAL icebergs will rise by an average financial level of every Bulgarian to a very good level. Well, if only on Bulgaria will become all millionaires. But if the whole world level the financial level is not absolute but to an acceptable level, things will balance out. Will stop wars, unrest and ETC Earth will enter a new era Both micro and macro level. Bosses need to relax this is the first thing that will be a step toward leveling the financial Sea. The second step is confiscation and redistribution of movable and immovable property of the rich to the poor. And it will. Beliefs and will BE In no time the world will be transformed AMAZING, but before that you will need some people to change plants for temporal justice. Why do I keep WORKER ON THE 10% IS NOT A FAIR greed. YOU exploiters thought WELL, BECAUSE THERE ARE OTHER TIMES! At least because these do paritete these assholes. These are low frame and smart. Only those paw.


    Promiscuity talk about ignorance, and it is also a group sex only partners / tion are razdelecheni time. What do we lose, we lose a lot, it is small Bible, God is not accidental. There are evil people who are obliged to stay down because there is no good man who does not stand as high in people's eyes and in the eyes of God. These evil people want to overthrow gative potential energy (for we can not resist them on the one hand and on the other to make easier their magic, they are not allowed evil to that of what they do well. Because a good man is a magician no matter you realized or not. He suffered with his very presence. A cunning and vicious they are trying to acquire wealth, not theirs. So be careful with whom we are dealing. literally translated from Proverbs 5:14-17 NKJV (NEW KING JAMES VERSION). Drink water from your tank. And running water from your own well. Should your springs to spill out of the house, the water flows in the streets. Let them be only yours and not foreigners with you. Let your fountain be blessed. And rejoice in the wife of your youth. It shall be your kind as deer and a graceful doe. Her breasts satisfy you at all times and always be delighted by her love. Because my son, why being fascinated by immoral woman and embrace the bosom of a seductress? For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord. He considers all his ways. "Well, if you are evil no wonder that you want to fuck with anyone's clearly: there is unconscious attempt to soliciting force. Such people love to say I love to travel a lot cause I I meet so many different people. indiscriminate Even meetings with people also remove or increase the energy potential. has some people call them energy vampires. intentionally loaded from the strong. 'Cause one of us zaklinaiyata them will not work because of being evil. GOOD are entitled to a magical power. ones steal from unconscious or unaware mages. These thieves are witches and wizards (used even spells). Magus (ONLY command), the first person who is more or less naive, because it is very good. And those that think we can skate how you shtat. Yeah, but do not we see what others can not. Yeah not every pretty girl or boy is. these witches are easily made a nice throw have yours (took him when 're masturbating) charm, and try to trick hardly. He sees them and always afraid of them. also best not to forget that "Milovidnosta is deceitful and beauty vanity, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised. "/ Proverbs 31:30 / The fact that some girls are separated by their virginity by force, not by chance. Not accidentally firstborn in Israel received the blessing. So you know.
    Some people want to take away the power of the people before they know what they have, instead due to be born strong and healthy child is born poor.
    Want to defile people and instead of this mother to attract strong and healthy child, it attracts dealers as a result increasing the weak and sick population.

    Also see so damn. Another explanation is that Rebecca Brown wants you inserted demons then easily become a Satanist / ka 'cause you fuck plus you get that and a vector. Rebecca Brown says that demons are venereal diseases. So according to the teachings of Don Juan everyone has a blade 2.3 some more, unless it is created by people with no blade or they made. Scum bastards round the schools, circling (MIND) Disco and Tumba with blades. Can easily make even small kids are 8.9 years old if they are low. Because it is energy, it is power. Thieves life and power I have come you kill because you have no right to life, unless he made. Nobody can steal healthy living and the strength of our future CHILDREN!

    I hope the above facts pointing you to help, to judge for yourself where the truth and be more confident in it.

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    Note: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORLD IS ABOVE BELOW something. I svoevremmno when I need to improve my text I sometimes and mistook hopefully some very small moments (main always true), but the show is always what I've achieved and what I believe to be true. Nothing hiding because I love your neighbor as yourself.