author: Nikolay.V.K

Concerning principles MANAGING ---- Reality experiences and experiences

Here I will describe all my experiences outside the body that will not be time synchronized NIB will be interesting what happens to me a God nvknvk. In some of his experiences have killed another time saved and the third time I just walked

My meetings with Klark Kent or tochmo Tom Welling known from the series SMALLVILE So my first meeting was as follows. Suddenly I wake up I open my eyes and see I'm on a railway station. Flew by switching between electric cables and rises ever higher and higher. Watching from the "bird's eye" as someone running with 60,70 km / h. Look before me the river that descends from high and forms a waterfall. You have the opportunity to fly high to watch. Rise up higher. And Clark Kent is immersed in water and out of sight Above the waterfall is a road car and I headed over there. I fly slowly with about 30.40 km / h. Once you reach the road Tom Welling appeared out of nowhere. I asked him how mine. He told me I passed through the river then climbed the mountain.

The second time I wake up in the middle of nyaakav square which is surrounded by roads and it move many cars and buses. Winter is suddenly see Klark Kent looking around left and right as if looking for someone approached to him and said hello, he said hello and ran to catch a bus

The third time I find myself in a world and the archangel tells me nvknvk destroy the world (so far four worlds was destroyed and several spoiled sunshine eternal gray clouds). I flew slightly raised aloft and shouting I AM master of the universe a spell with his hands and the world is leaving. It adds to scream. I feel someone behind me. I heard a voice nvknvk run flew straight up into the sun and began to heat up. I hear a voice nvknvk will burn down. Flew straight down but I feel that someone else is behind me fly with over 200km/chas I hear a voice nvknvk rip of it. Now this happens even two years ago to see IRON MAN Spun on its axis 270 degrees and turn left to the outside and open arms just like the movie. I made a U-turn and hop on Tom Welling. Off are about 60 meters apart. I heard an order nvknvk fired at him from a green hand meteroit. Archangel know my capabilities, so it says. I pointed her hand to Clark and a crowding out green meteroit and flew at him with 80km/chas. He was afraid, surprised expression on his face and asks mind (I hear) will kill me??? I hear a woman's voice, do not worry you invulnerable. But it gave meteroita sock you right in the center of the face lit up in bright green and crashed to 100 pieces. He said a spell with his right hand raised him who became whole again green stone and threw it at me. I look fly straight at me, but as he came closer trajectory in my left cheek, which I hid with his right hand. To my amazement the stone became overlooking ie steel gray kriptoonit and scratched me on the arm with that concealed his left cheek. I felt the burning and I was in a suite with a boy. Look at my hand started to become brown and oozing brown liquid from it. I was afraid I thought after a while my skin will strip off in cube zero and cried. The angel said to me quietly nvknvk touch it with his left. I did, and my hand was healed

Chetvuartiyat I'm one airport and hear the voice now watch nvknvk. And dropped a pylon that supports the building fell right next to me. I got it weighs 100.200 kg and carried him out of out being careful not to overthrow the entrance of letiishteto because there were many people out and he fell right on there. I left it on the ground and look Klark Kent do something (apparently there one of the pillars of the shed also was shaken so he fix it, I grabbed his sneakers and pull he said Kolya do not. Obviously knew who he a job (God had told him about me).

I heard the voice of one accuses me here at home on Earth does not know that God will meet me with it. So I found myself on a birthday. The parents and the girl were very full that made me despise them. All congratulated the birthday girl, I listened. At one time I get close to someone and I heard a voice from one of my angels touch the book. As soon as I pipmah. Ivednazh one of the attendees said, look at this camp of Prince Caspian. I co pomilih that for me it's However instantly thicken and become a heap and covered with black jacket. I saw a girl lying in front, me and heard a voice burned in January I like the dragon breathed some acid to eat away the girl's face and Tak 2 times. Someone threw me CVT arrows that pierced and I knew it was time to polish pears. I flew this time fly Bava with 50.60 km / h and that's behind me. Nearing grid that keeps not to cross the road at speed trams. I breathed again acid and their feet did fly as a hole in the grate and through. It adds to do the same with the second fence and someone stopped me and hear electricity pass along a fence harekterno bzat bzat high napraezhenie. I heard a voice Fight. Turn that sends arrows at me one after the other, I turn to the left and right arrows pass over me. Caspian (then I realized that he said so) angry and started pulling with his hands the thing Ke me. I looked back sets tram flying with 100km/chas I'm in the air and immediately I moved away slightly to fly between. As the tram licking me I spun turned up and closed my eyes flew halfway tram because the pulling tryamvay front, the other in the other direction also moved. I flew between the two and I obspipaha arrows that pierced me but it did not hurt I was turned into a demon. However Caspian was thrashed by a tram so all told when I got into the body.

What killed me with archangel Octavian or Augustus Caesar. I open my eyes and look within the watershed I looked it was 10 in the corridor at the end had the 10th many swimmers. I decided to jump at the first and at this point time delay became a hitch. Where I headed to 10 corridor. And if tsamburnah time back, I immediately started to swim on my back (I have developed 200 km / h with jet engine). I surpassed it surpassed me and dived then jumped out at the end of the pool. The angel told me get out nvknvk. I lifted in the air and heard the crackle of ice. Everyone was out of the pool only Octavian was there. Then I heard the comments of some fools who are trying to kill me. Come and Octavian's gone.

A walk I have visited many worlds while sleeping angels took me out and I teleport somewhere. The return is accompanied by fatigue throughout the body and back pain. Exhaustion and pain disappear for 30 seconds. So in all the worlds most beautiful buildings are like 5 star hotels all over shiny marble, glass buildings and elevators. But these are ordinary blocks Below is usually magazaini food that are 3 times larger than Billa and there are many more foods to choose course vegetarian. All there is comprehension is having fun there and workers, but what I heard I liked. Asked Hercules (1 week then gave a btv young Hercules was exactly the same view), he lives there. So God made us a race to see who is stronger. He included his jet engine and flew up. Me too me involved and I also flew with 0,5 g as much as he he flew 20 seconds and stopped in straosferata (God rode high ground with blocks to have a place to stop. I flew 50 meters but I felt more start crushed. then stopped, he came and I asked him how the world is. He seemed to read my thoughts and respond immediately can work and maybe not everyone has to live. reached out to me and I reached out to him for a handshake, however, I said get back never shook hands.

Now you tell me some of the rescue missions. Suddenly I find myself more than a world of about 100 meters from the ground flying left, right, like my world despite being poor than ours, there was a river. I realized that heaven Indians Someone teleport a block it under construction (floor somewhere 13,14) Viewed builders imaginations more than one card and say here's to you, however we can not break through the concrete. At this point one they said here is nvknvk to send it. They agreed and at that moment I found myself on the floor of a subway and watch people puzzled tick tongue around me. Arahngelat said. Nvknvk find out. I picked up the air stairs looking up. Pometyah to the highest point of the stairs in the tube and stick its head perpendicular to the stairs, this time at my upper chakra is activated (even cut metal and concrete as well understood and further). And I began to dig a tunnel. Initially, it was soft mud after then something stalled. I ask my angel here you will stay. He said fear not continue. At that moment I heard the voice of Gspodarya Earth, now you really know God only God can pass through that "I did not hear the rest," and find the correct pat.Az because I closed my eyes went up and I feel over your head I showered stones of concrete that smashed. Builders call me enough nvknvk. The angel tells me show them show them. And that was it. Izronih all concrete (made tunnel to the 13 floor.

In the next spistelna mission and I was afraid, attention is not for the faint of heart. Suddenly, as I sleep, I can not move anywhere, I feel how water passes by me and me wet and then cold. Holy shit I open my eyes. I'm in line behind me and under me children who are frozen out of the water and long standing. Afraid I do not know that this is a mission to locate lost children. I sat for 40 seconds, arhagelat told me go back nvknvk and woke up. Then listen to the angels that I say bravo observations of nvknvk found them. Then I realized what had happened bathe children to collectors powerhouse and disappeared. So I went into the body of one of them and they locate them.

This mission just happened today (17.07.2008). Izvenah wake up in the water around me. Arhagelat said something but the sound of the water did not hear anything. I turned 180 degrees and started to swim back. Clench your fists so exercising our free will and my magic powers obey me. The aim was both'm back to stand upright and run your jet engine. 2 tory time I gently lifted up and flew right into the slot of a underground concrete channel that runs great river under the city. I went out on the tiles and see a trickle of water flowing for me. I went back and found the body. I saved a child that took me from that experience shock pee after salvation

The most common place that I visit the islands there are many experiences I have experienced but they are almost always very poor. There ate onion soup tastes just like my favorite tripe soup which Unfortunately to be invulnerable can not eat and meat. Planet islands is characterized by the fact that there is a flood occurred and the people who were good they save the rest have come to Earth, and we are born as human beings and as sin. Of these islands live real wizards exactly angels who use magic for their own purposes. The islands are thousands and each has a different system. Some are richer than others, of course there are cars kolometra 5.6 squared. Rich ie most powerful live high, and the weak low. There's a lot of islands but they are guarded by electric cables and power which encircle the entire island to prevent anyone unauthorized to enter. Cars in these most rich islands are more like Lamborghini and Ferrari. I've seen a Lada or buy a Lada car 7mitsa or 5titsa An island killed Gypsies, even got into a large tube where a bunch were thrown dead and sick people, a terrible sight. I knew what they were doing. Gypsies (my grandmother on my father's side was a gypsy) when they die on earth led them to these islands. And one of them, make them drink pond water from which they get sick and die, but not because God can not teleport elsewhere and die. I was also immersed in the swamp of force and drank from that water. But I have an angel that brings me back into the body by order of that instantly obey. And these bastards I pleaded God.
There are other worlds like Earth First some other economic millennia ago. In some of them it is quenched sun. Whereupon I turned on him some other stubbed what I told God or the angel Gabriel who protect me.

In the beginning when I first got out of the body I was in the blue tunnel. Apparently fly it because it felt that I was a strong wind blows and I fly in the lotus position. I heard a voice which said female nvknvk hide his chakra will burn. I tried to conceal it by hand but I could stream of air was hard. Reached the end of the tunnel and the flow of air is delayed then touched his chakra at the top of the head sahrsara and it was ball to the touch. Apparently it was closed to avoid damage. I found myself in front of two people man and woman as husband forced me to run with my hands without dokdosvane telekinesis a metal box. Whereupon I took it in her hands and placed it in the place i was told to come back nvknvk and I returned to the body with typical entry. It feels like that go into jelly fit in while. Then you wake up. Further enters the body was instinctively opened my eyes and just feel tired throughout the body, tension and back pain light.

How I went to visit Bill Gates. So otvyaryam eyes and see I was lying in a large luxurious round bed lamp over me the whole apartment very cool lighting. With movements of seals premardah the end of the bed. And I got off of it. Decided to walk. And open a door Bill Gates sleeping with his wife. They ask you who you are, I say. I AM KOLYA sissy and children where his wife pregnant belly looks and wonders but not born again. There was a boy and I asked do you have a computer. Bill Gates said the boy turn his largest. It adds included 60,70 inch display. I went back to the body. Someone called me. There are assholes who stop me to enjoy the walking and they also know the trick to return. In order not to wonder will tell you a secret I teleport or as Jesus (as is the students) in our world. Or visit the world of the stars, ie what we launch the media is not our world a paradise which I then visited.

How visited 2 times "cube" CUBE OR who has seen the film knows that there is some reason find themselves people who remember only that they are asleep (cube 1 and cube 2). So I found myself in a cube but made very interesting. The whole cube is blue and black tiles which once clicked with black hand it opens. I opened one and look down all along the axis of the one who pushed opened and revealed to me the effect of the camera when filming TV. Exactly 30.40 rooms down and then lose their end. But I am asleep and do not realize that you can die. I jumped into the hole and landed in a room down while flying in an intermediate room there was a man who flew up and broke his nose in a board that appeared out of nowhere. Once I landed there watching a guy who probably think over mathematically. I pushed a plate and nothing happened, the boy pushed absolutely opposite from the middle of the room and collapsed. Open to nest in the wall and appear yellow ball. I cried found it found it the yellow ball. And then jumped 2.3 in the room. I put it in the slot and the room went up as asnasyor you down you could not tell. I heard a voice back to nvknvk and woke

The second time I wake up in the elevator that lifts me up and hear the voice watch nvknvk elevators. Look up. Asnasyora only platform that dvitsi about walls ie if you are not careful they will smash. I got off the elevator and walked toward an escalator. This "cube not a cube but a place to kill but looks like a shopping mall. View 2 way one else left to right escalator surrounded by a metal fence that nobody can break. Go right and hop someone my pants. And my pants were like frozen and finally esklatora impede out of eskaltora I skip. decide to get them up. become legally purged me warm air. sucked me into something warm and more approaching more getting hot Finally the fire happened 100 times stronger than hell (the fire in which I was 2 times). I heard a voice turn nvknvk. And then turned upside down which stopped sucking my hell. Being turned upside down Turn it to the jet engine or wings I do not know what. Someone teleport me off this "mall" on the 8th floor and all saved along jumped down as soon as I heard the voice I stepped back and woke

How in hell was 2 times. The first time I rode in a truck in the back "seat" where the bed and hear the voice of the driver cmon give me this whore. Look at me a nice girl. And my colleagues ask me the driver will fuck you I refused not know her and they removed me from the truck. At this moment came away with two good cops who stop came and asked me have anything to do with those of the truck. What do I tell them I'll show you who I am and flew with 0,5 g up like a rocket (squeezed his fists). Fly and hear voice, nvknvk will go into space. I flew down and see it adds Earth clouds were behind me and I hear the voice nvknvk will break. I reduced speed and landed right in front of police women triumphantly. And suddenly I found myself in a fiery tunnel that sucked me and flew 30 sekiundi from time to time opened my eyes to see where I am. Fire is not strong but it is hot. Oops suddenly reached the end of the tunnel fire and fell into the fire, which was everywhere, how far expanse. Flying (clenched fists and thought I started the jet engine), however, the hole where I fell out of sight. Fly Fly 30 seconds and watch the cliff above the fire on my way there. I sat on a bench and she picked up with ropes A boy with poluizgoryalo person tells me grow a beard huh??? I wonder who he is but I wonder how I'll stay here. He tells me one month. At this point came the girls (somewhere izgiryali somewhere not) and saw m part of the skull and bones of the hands. And I hear a voice like you say nvknvk mind are not bad and at this point I woke up with the entry into the body.

The second time I find myself in front of a man in a house and suddenly appeared a huge black figure with horns which leaned toward's window, the house was gone. And looking HIS MAJESTY THE DEVIL mipodava hand. The man who was said to me do you burn because I approached and took his hand his forefinger (tolkiova was huge) Suddenly I was fire everywhere around me And there was a table on which the devil pendulum arm put fruit looked like pears and apples He cut his hand with a flourish of pears and told me drink. I watch as the seeds of spicy peppers and quit. He sliced ??apples and told me 2nd time drink not to burn. I look like apple seeds took and drank from them. Then he told me to mind keen on strong fire and I did become yellow from orange told me run away. I flew on back Fly Fly 1 minute Finally angel said nvknvk back and woke

Outside the matrix I was already accustomed to release (elevation of body) but this time I suddenly felt frustration at what I Fall Down 30 seconds if not minutes. Suddenly a male voice (later I realized it was God) spoke with a woman stopped me collapsing. And I feel a scratch on my leg with something sharp and metallic. Woman says but it's not much he saved him. The man replied that land is great. Asked mind you want to see me. Where I squinted eyes closed trying to not open. He said good. And brought me back into the body in seconds. Since then I started to vrashtamv body without typical entry into jelly but just with fatigue and mild pain in the back