About history of the world and its future

According to the Jewish calendar it is now 5770 years and according to Old has 7519 years. And we as a people population are almost 7 billion. Therefore, for 10,000 years we will have 10 billion and about 1 million years we would be 1 trillion 10 MILLION years will have 10 trillion. MEANS THE WORLD will last 10 MILLION YEARS. Why so. 1000 answer planets 10 billion make 10 trillion.

So people dream big nonsense. Fly, run like Clark Kent, to modify. Yes, but the stars, ie the rich and famous. They see the world while dreaming was former world and everyone in it was 10 million. All there were almost gods. These are their memories. Even thats how out of the body and see it as it is also a memory of a previous world. ALL THEM WE ARE GODS WERE THEN. But this former world. Now all living beings in the universe are 10 trillion. To exist as humans we need to have bozhetsveniyat breath in him. Therefore, before we've had a surplus so we were gods. But now God has taken us all this power to breathe life into others who decided to create. And now people are almost 7 billion. And all MISC 9 trliona 993 milirda who live on Planet Earth. Therefore ERARHIYATA IN THE WORLD is the following:

Therefore, if all beings are 10 trillion. Universe 1000 will be 10 billion planets in average yields 10 trillion and these are just people. And when you raise STONE (stone them warm) how many creatures we see how the animals are, how many invertebrates. This shows how Malden our world.

So I think the truth is that the world is connected in series, which means that Earth is the source. And As our planet becomes 10 billion, then the world will be in 10,000 years (we are now at 7000). Therefore, the animals will have 100 billion. Invertebrates such as insects, molluscs and chlenostonogi will be 900 billion. A VEGETABLE WORLD IS 9000 BILLION

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