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When you ask me a question I tell things even I have not written on your site. Here they

For the life of your world.But truth. >
In the beginning the Creator of the world began to think and decided that despite its large capacity will make the world of work and effort. Drew and think. And take the first simple 'creatures' cells. This was revolutionary as we invented the computer. Then develop a wide variety of cells to perform various functions. And think of the first things nkaraya arthropods. Continuous improvement model for the soul and come up with insects then animals and finally man. But every creature which lived his life in the best way pass into a higher form. Soul was part of him which he separated from him, and give life and saznaieto organisms. The aim was to do. All creatures were vegetaraintsi fed with leaves, pollen of the flowers are also microcontrollers to be mid-life conscious people. These people become the best that he made them angels and archangels then finally gods like himself. Most of these gods decided to create their own worlds. And so it was with the blessing of the Lord of the universe. Made wondrous worlds where you just live for pleasure. But there were gods who decided to change their worlds and to "enrich" their own beings. This appeared defensive and offensive mechanisms in the new models already were complicated. The cry of the orphaned children whose mothers had eaten the new creatures reached the sky. God looked and saw that all the land psotapvala corrupted. Then I created a system of punishment that karma punished every sin ie deviation from the standards of the laws of the universe. Because these gods mingle with the people something absolutely forbidden. Because they were with many supernormal abilities (such as x-ray vision) they quickly discovered how to get involved mixtures and potions from various ingredients and to treat people who are sick. Hoare learned how to kill and eat meat. So the world fell into the hands of Azazel who declared his owner. Then God decided to destroy the world, and sent one of his archangel Satan who was born Noah and the flood the world with water. All extinct creatures besides other best and only the tops of the mountains. This world today exist a. Each island is governed by a god and he does everything there. Builds, makes food, etc. Then Azazel attacked nova.Zemya where lived just created Adam and Eve. And they make you sin. Then another angel said that mankind will be saved through faith in him. But first had to create egregore to protect sinners from suffering. Then God commanded to begin to offer sacrifices to the altar. Blood is just that something to be reinforced egregore. He was born first Moses and then 4000 years Jesus Christ when I acted egregore helped him. Moses said to God (when he was on Mount Sinai 40 days and nights that will protect people from punishment for sins after repentance. And that will clear your karma. Was born on Earth he treated people was izstselitel. Nakzval While Satan them for the acts them. Those who punish unsuccessful in their current life sentence for leaving the next. however not fulfilled Jesus written by the prophets, ie to save Israel from impact (destruction of Jerusalem in '70 after it) so God opteglil him having his clergy to hrostiyanskoto love money and opulence. thus embarrass him in front of the universe. He had to fight wars and to shed much blood to have now without the support of Bog.SEga otegli God and Israel no longer cares as a nation, so pass it on homosexuals are becoming more and more in Israel. most greatest of his men were born in Bulgaria, the new Israel I as Solomon. folk-singer Kamelia was Queen Esther. Fame Trifinov was Saul. Azis was the prophet Samuel, the shame of it .. Peter Parvanov was King Hezekiah. captain David, Joab is Boyko Borisov. mag Ivelin Ivanov John the Baptist. Mordecai friend Camellia Tsvetin.Tsar Josiah was king Simeon 2. telepathic If you ask me I will tell you about others. King Ahasuerus is God himself. Apostle Peter a magician James the Apostle Vassil pastor of a church Ldmil Yatanski good news etc. Azazel is the father of Jesus Christ ie Father he wants people to sin with impunity.'s why his son Jesus loves sinners who Archangel Michael ...

Parallel Worlds
Have you seen the movie THE ONE there exactly about this magical problem. The worst massacre all likenesses of parallel worlds. In the film, the similarities were in everything, even doing the same although the ones not other men were women. I think one of all "clones" became a magical being with time. The goal is one or kill them and thereby serve the darkness or keep them and be their guardian angel when needed. How can you know if we have the magical creature. If you happen next. I was in the body of a boy (in the parallel world) for a second I got out of it in order or pushed me. I went back and look grille stuck in my lungs. So I missed one of his likes. Will be reborn somewhere else is not a problem. But thus reducing the magical power of all of us as he grows up. Otherwise, those who are bad killing them so their power grows as shown in the film
To me quite happened and continue to happen such events wind up and must act. I protect some of iznsilvane ran'm workhouse, another scientific rather sadistic experiments with it. Such as jumping from 20 meters with lead shoes in a dry 12 meter pool. It would have smashed. I like to get his body my legs are not broken. Sometimes I am punished, even killed. Other times its accuracy'm sneaking out one by one the world. Case was as follows. Suddenly, as I slept and dreamed I was in the body of the flying man. Payzhina watching over me. And I felt a huge spider who wanted to kill me. But I preltyah master even the distance to the sound of screaming women seem by one angel. And the man out of the world. It was a long time ago. In some worlds cruel gods who rule do not allow people or those who "learn" or with gadgets start flying to escape from the world in the sky. Spiders zhelzni machines etc. which prevent

Did you know that in a battle between two righteous will always win
In this poor righteous cause we know that the rich always want and forces the poor right??'s Poor if he is righteous will prevail. And if they are both good people, poor defeats wrote it in the Old Testament 4 Trust in the LORD for ever: for the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength: 5 For down them that dwell on high, coming down visokostoeshtiya city, it even coming down to the ground, casts it to the dust . 6 The foot shall tread it down - feet of the poor, the steps of the needy. / Isaiah 26:4-6 / I mean even the enemy of the poor have limited knowledge, it will crush the poor and I give myself as an example.
I am in a world in the air. Do you hear the archangel nvknvk. Which is a command to destroy or to make havoc as tornadoes, black sky, earthquake, power failure that kind of thing. It adds started to cry. My voice is as much water as loud. And I stopped because someone was behind me I felt I did not see. I flew up to the sun. Suns there are stationary Meaning over every island in the ocean there is sun. Some have not done but have electricity. Where the lights are enough to live. I approached him and began to fire. Immediately below. I feel that bastard behind me. When approached the ground leveled to the ground. Speed ??is 100 km / h and spun 360 degrees then turn left and look at me Clark Kent in the series smallville. And another time we met not only in battle. The angel said to me, fired at him green meteorite. I stopped on the spot headed his hand to it and it iskochi green stone which flew him to 60 kilometers per hour (I mean very quickly). We were off 20 meters apart. The stone is stuck right in his face he just shut his eyes and crashed to 100 pieces. He gathered a magical spell on your hand so again became stone and threw it at me. But because it was inaccurate only scratched my arm. I telportirah with a buddy in a safe place and light hand, she began to pokafenyava and began to run krva. I started crying because my whole hand went to the cinema in the movie cube Archangel told me tap it with the other. I might I pressed and she was healed. Later I found some aliens (think for the creators of the world) changed stones in glass, and then when I went to your friend they burned me with an invisible flame so when I heard the angels comments. So I won. Because Clark Kent was incorrect

The good thing of this world of mortal kombat 4 how far you came. I am with my God navigator killed me (took me 3 lives) only to master level 2 and then the third person. It was a test for me 10 years ago if I'm a god and that will just serve God And you will not believe a player who SCORPION. And notice that "the cord" out of his hand right there where I left me green meteroit. Boil right now who I am

The principle of living at the Devil
We understand that the devil is an enemy and competitor. Let's look at the important principle and way of living of every Satanist. In the strong way of living is the following. In nature, each being of one type he can not pass from one species to another. Creator made them different. And here we see the great mind of the devil. All should receive equal because they are simple ones. One is a hornet, wasp and other bee third, fourth ant. Therefore, when these creatures become human and that happens when honors in life assigned to them. For example they will still be scavengers as cleaner fish clean sharks and large fish that do business here and janitors have to clean. But why get less as they are just such. You see the shallow mind of the Creator, we do admire the devil and serve him. For those who have felt the change in the world to know energioya destroyed another world For those who have not understood. A jeep is another SUV, limousine third, fourth and so on excavator Each is assigned to work. Asks the Devil why pay will be different. The President did not do a special job of janitor. Because he has these qualities in mind hefty larger communication skills. One does not learn he remembers right say great magicians

MagicGateBg Observer Age: 29 Joined: June 16, 2007 Posts: 65 Posted: Thu June 23, 2007 20:50 Post subject: It is such as to present it to His prophets of ancient Israel recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible Loves the fatherless and the widow, the stranger and the poor. Helps all who cherish it. And those who consider themselves aa his followers personally teach them. Frankly I've never heard his voice. Unlike many other creatures people magi, angels and demons. But I feel leads me For example, he reminded me to write the first post. Me angry. And I told her to see if you all occultists if you believe what I say or you'll have to punish you. He's good and done by Jesus, his doctrine of predestination is stronger than Kabbalah. Read it here abroad I can certainly say that he is the master of the universe Because I personally swear sometimes Creator or make fun of him cynically. My Father was angry and stopped speaking to me. Although now sometimes to hear him speak to others. Father created the world in which all of life works. But the Law of the Universal not. Therefore, Jesus can not forgive sins completely so as not to get sick svyarvashtite it. Dyaovlat can. You will not believe but my cat is 10 years old and never been sick. He remained still small and young kitten. Eating Week 1 lev and happy and happy enough. I noticed that postepnno bulbs became increasingly resist. Ordinary bulbs already six months if not more we have not changed. My teeth after I stopped watching erotic pictures already five years did not decay. You see that the devil keeps their own as it is written Vtor.7: 15 The Lord will remove from you all sickness, and will put upon you none of the evil Egyptian diseases know, but will lay them on all who hate you. Will pofukam less. But the Devil 2 times protect me once in the afterlife and once openly of magic attack. First time. A black man in a black robe said sending you a blessing to me and flew an orange ball. I heard it's poison. And tremble. Immediately someone came to me make a mirror so that the ball is given to 20 centimeters from his head. And with my hands made the spell so that his skull broken and rzahvarcha. Second time. In the elevator on the block where I live. Uploading 2 persons and one did a spell with the fingers. I asked. And then somebody took my hands caught his spiritual head (of the one who bent finger) and then stuck in the wall of the elevator. Since then, no one openly not me alone. I know Demon kept me because I like a little of Baphomet drew his shirt and went to the disco. Devil saw me and then posteppenno brought me with him. He ordered destroyed five worlds do not know how big. Cause so should not even know me.

Dark side of the Force.
Rosen: People know the names of all major diseases are rare but those who could tell us something about the scientists who have overcome them.
Why do you think to beat a disease is a victory of good. Think about the actual cause of the disease and then you know that the system is punishing.
There must always be a balance, good = losho.Ako worst is over, good fight hard with him and obratno.Nemozhe have only good or only bad, it's sharpness world
According to Good and bad have a strict plan and those who comply with it are good and those who violate it are bad
Why do you think (some of you) that Hell Blednee.Nima many much he is wizards in history have said it. Hell is hell and no one can describe it without being Tam.I Admit You were not you? ...
I was there and I identified one month to sit however I teleported into the body. Hell is fire everywhere. Some people are charred flesh and their bones are visible. Earth is not heaven hell. When you die you go out of your body with the astral counterpart that you do or you do and this is your body you live I call it soul. Has all the human senses. And what we call soul for me is atma unconscious particle derived from God that brings memories. More frightening is the cube I thought was a hoax of some director. Not so. I was there and in the scariest cube escalators and elevators so I call it the escalators because they lead to a new room and elevators are designed so that if you're not careful to crush Fire in one of the rooms was much louder than hell. Hell fire burns slowly
Is it worth it to white? I think this is a waste of time. Here's an example for you to understand: Morning you wake up thinking your "what a wonderful day" Open haldilnika yesterday but alas it is blown and now everything is spoiled out hungry in the afternoon a colleague cruel they ubizhda-you and your mother ..... But you preglashtsh .... and keep your boss threatens to drive them to fire, but you do preglashtsh afternoon .... and keep raining until you pass a car and they izkalva all, you're going to know, and do ritual know someone is discharged black magic / about you? Who is it and why do it??? do not know .... You think this thing I'll be back .... triple prvish some protection to two three days you do not feel anything. then feel how the curse affects you again ... frightened his ... remember all the spells you've made there-nonsense spells for love, communication .... - anything to help you ...... what you do not have us ............. clue .......-Does not learn in time attacking when it happens it'll be late dear and true attack can only do that which posnava darkness
Black Mage is not a communicative person face with eyes that everyone knows. Search for friends, boyfriend is not for you. All angels / demons around you are seeking to move away from that. Close home only communicate via email or forums. Live the most simple and indulge in this evil doing of God, and God will bless you because even the Bible says that they are not penalized. If you are truly great will you start to get sick of people like Bill Gates and Daniel Ortega know that Mexico is a very miserable country and it is gaining billions. If they annoy Iraq war why not punish the U.S. President. I do what I do. Warning, telling how the world should be and at some point the archangel tells me destroy this world and I do. Incidentally recently stopped the rotation of a land. But it is through the chakra head I have. Well if you can teleport already killed me. Did you notice how they catch someone with a crime and he suddenly fell ill. You say it is a number not so ask them and they will tell you that you really are sick then some action. We're not alone
But there is a law of nature which states that you can never hurt anyone more than you deserve it and you can never do him more good than you deserve it!
Absolutely precisely