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Concerning principles MANAGING Reality ---- EXTRACTS FROM THE FORUM

When you ask me a question I tell things even I have not written on your site. Here they

. So I was wondering how. The answer is where I am without his suit I am a foreign body, as many times as I look in the mirror and see another person. Therefore, I can breathe their air. Another time when I myself go into "space suit" - because hermetically sequestered and produces air that I breathe. The ride was scary tunnel remember it was a bright blue shadows and very powerful air blowing me. I heard a cover up chakra die. I started to raise his hands to hide sahasrar powerful air prevented me. At the end of the tunnel I was able to touch it and it stung. Then as I came through the tunnel I saw a woman in front of me and instantly crossed my mind this is my new mother. I asked (mind) people who otgovyaryashe for my birth I'm dead. He replied yes. I had something in his mouth that kept me from talking and I just spat out saliva. People move to look at a "tin" box and she started to move in the air. I like punk took it in her hands and placed it in the place where you (Looking ahead of me with the mind to move). Then I heard the command back and felt that enters the body and opened my eyes, I woke up

In my opinion and according to my teachers no magic, it's the influence of karma, in other words the influence of God. You've made mistakes that have hurt someone Magicians do not clear the karma but rather postpone. It is better not to be touched, because at some point you will gather a lot of "magic" and then it will be horror. It is better now to endure. And it will pass.

Depends on what people are talking about. Hell created by the Devil have free will, they are unpredictable in any situation. They are specifically made for natural selection. God predestined by God they do not have free will, they are entirely predictable. They remain "simple workers' life because they are not accustomed to fight for a bone, they do not come from this world. In their holy God and his angels take care of people's needs. So this world is a creation of the devil. Here the order is natural selection. In this respect, God is always good people. They're just good, it can not be changed in any way.

So I hear voices, and I have an enviable gadtelska accuracy. The issue lies in the fact that when you asked me a question I answer by the word of God or other Christian books. Can not Christian. But the point is set to the subconscious So my answer is absolutely 100% true and accurate. Different people ask me, hear is mental at this point witch intervenes and asks me something else. So I answer her question as I think it is the former that people are asking me. They still ask me this again and hears and intervenes. And this is a big problem. Another witch asked me once to fuck me, I said no and she immediately gave me a slipped disc. He's trying to control me. And I just want God to angels and control me as it does while "sleep."
And if anyone knows how to teach a person to samozapovyadva subconscious. I generally want God to control me, but better than I myself was a crone witch.

Watch now, here I have a creative process in the brain or the soul. And examples sit sit and hear a very quiet voice, go to drink water. I suddenly thirsty. Meaning mozaket tells me so long did not drink, why not. Most people control themselves. For example if you say you slyunchitsa. You will conceive and will reproduce a bit, but to me you should think about something else my mouth will be watering and I will swallow and swallow and is very unpleasant. Guesswork to rule it savrshenstvo except that another should ask me, and not man, and one that sets my questions directly to the subconscious. Miracles which I also received this. But I noticed that in "subtle worlds' questions and requests them to me ask / say to one person. I triggered. There are also plus not responsible for their actions. God knows this and I know you made the account. I mean he knows what spirit is near me to stop obey is nevazmozhno.zashtoto I have a creative process. If you do not remind me to drink water I will not drink at all, you need something to provoke me. I also like a small one. The bottom line is I'm very old as dusha.bez free will, just past people did not have this complex process will free these people were before. Saying saharsara not work every day is a lie sucked by her superior and prana which goes to the lower chakra God taught me that. Therefore, I can fly in subtle worlds. I developed a speed of 200 km / h. God loves me. Dress suits me if I'm in a hostile world. Do you have costumes out hard as rock, soft as a feather inside. Or pass you through concrete and rebar and just scratch my shoulder there breaking the suit was the thinnest ...

How yogis learn to govern themselves, to stop the heart completely to rule your physical body. What are these autogenous training for the brain. Programming while you sleep, this leads us to conclude that a man is generally a robot. But God designed to conceal this by creating a very complex thought process of mental patterns and it is a human choice. In other worlds, anyone can dress and undress at will. Even up anything people can do something again willingly Yes I've been there except that I could not dress himself and was in embarrassing situations because according to "my teacher" I had to have sex vsimisal made me undress. So I am of the older types that do not have this facility free will on new things you have. For example, the game GTA SAN ANDREAS. (20 missions made for this game) requires a minimum 1GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor - mind 256 MB of RAM - the temporary memory 64 MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers - Display problem 3.6 GB of free Hard Disk space for a minimal install - psotoyannata memory

The more powerful your mind is more tasks will decide per unit time Temporary memory gives the possibility for number of tasks simultaneously Video memory allows you to shown and what you say or solution of the problem Permanent memory stores everything and unfortunately some are stronger, some weaker God psotoyanno improve people creates more skillful and smart t.n.po likeness us constantly improve their creations. We're his likeness. But unfortunately we are not all equal standard. So one beyond the other. Required are strong to help the weak, it is against the law of nature - natural selection created by God.

No drugs, but do not go out on his own, pulling me while I sleep my teachers, they know how. But once pulled me so hard that I felt fell into an abyss, but do not go out as usual, a few minutes I was "down there. Having felt something sharp and metal to touch me on the legs. Mifnovenno crossed my mind it was probably out late from the matrix and these are the machines that I touch. still can not figure out is there a matrix or similar like in the movie. protruding from the body and enters it always accompanied me in 1. insertion jelly 2. filling a liquid my suit feeling is that the entry in something liquid fluffy. A release by 1. pain in the back, or a slight feeling of tension in and wake-up. 2. Empty any liquid from my suit and wake. If you happen during sleep means that you have made astral projection and the place you have visited it was another world.

I did not dream I saw a cd with the amount of square candy, new children, new creation of God bathe temperature of 40 degrees. I went into this pool because I wanted to get out quickly from the building and saw a window there. Once I found myself in the center began to melt (I was at the astral light suit) then the alarm because of me sick. Fortunately I was able to go through the window (was denser than usual) and immediately felt the evening chill. Another time you ride a bike on a hill here if you go by bike was much sweat. And there are so light pedaling and with such ease it took, it surprises me, and looked at the movement was very strange no such here. Plane with a propeller in front, took off like a helicopter. And the funny thing my sperm off 5 meters. The conclusion is the law of a world do not change. But the new world is more sophisticated natural laws. And it is easier and more enjoyable. People also improve on God Meaning create a new smart as skillful a beautiful healthy living in a new world. If they come here are prodigies. Shtoto stndarta there is such

Now I hardly I myself discern what is dream and what is not. Easiest way is when you get into your suit feels like entry into jelly. It is a protective shell to protect me from being cut as you go through the glass. Many times I end up in such situations to prevent potentially have no time to open the window, so I learned to pass through it. A magician will say that everything is a dream, however, I do not agree. Notice if you feel the touch, wind and other such special feelings for the man. You're not dreaming. The dream goes to the screen as if your dreams are vivid and remember you're not a dream. A journey into another world. Questioned people you meet about some things that you make an impression as how this was done, watch for different mechanisms. For example, I once opened an alarm clock, it seemed like an old alarm clock blab, however I opened it and saw that something unknown to me. All other worlds look the same from the outside but inside is another. Another time I was in a car service, cars were slightly different, but the engine was opened back there were only something like "battery box" belt that was the whole engine. Questioning and observation. Pray always in danger, because if they kill and die on the physical plane. That's why God invented back in the body in great danger of going for seconds

I think this is your teacher, it is for you Almighty. This works with the rain and I did but I need someone commanded me, as I realized I do not have free will, or I'm too small and has not yet developed, or a very old soul, and I lost that ability. As you meet the Almighty in his sleep ask him what he thinks about nvknvk, see what he says. And here's one of my dream that I dreamed long ago. So suddenly open his eyes and wake up as glide down I thought Descent into Hell. Looking down I am a dedicated bike without wheels. I pushed it forward spun handle gas and he forced me and I cried a cafe. I look at the dashboard and steering wheel not available here a few knobs and levers ibutah it out. I turned the throttle and flew, but as someone who first gets on this thing back and forth, left to your right while climbing. It was night but all buildings adorns herself with her Christmas lights I pushed the lever nothing, the second still nothing. I look sideways flying saucer round blue it also lit some lights. It crossed my mind is flying bike to get to it because it was under water, lake or sea do not know. But I thought I gave up falling into the water and woke up after entering the body with tension throughout the body

Everyone has a teacher / and they are invisible even in the astral world, but may appear in some form in front of you. This tells you that the Almighty has appeared to him in a purple light. I think it is unlikely to be the Almighty and a teacher. Spiritual mentor leader who has a goal with you. Such are those who want to live forever because rebirth eventually end and they become teachers, and they make mistakes but they are more knowledgeable than you. Any such teacher has a system of divination call him and tells students what thinks about the future. Of you said that after five years, Millard will be the end of the world. Me me ask my teachers and I through my accuracy I mean ?opening book, magazine or something else understand some things ie those who ask me. So I realized that 3974 years will be the end of the world. So I realized that the 30 years I'll be God in our world. So far in the astral world can almost everything. I'll tell you a secret. At the moment I have no free will, and I'm like a demon, people mages called me into alien worlds and I izalnyavam their wishes. For example, one recently asked them to turn the water into a tank housing a 200 liters of water a brandy of chili. After her conversion try it sucked me I do not drink alcoholic drinks. Others wanted to make them famous tree in fertility. Made their cherry fruit which immediately bound. Still others had voices of Rila ordered me to volume up and the rain really so 5 times. Home when the sky dusk commanded me to do strange lightning. For example vischki far have Lightning Thunder and suddenly say if your God did not thunder. Third crawled want to flash a cloud vseedno the movies we've seen overloaded with electricity is very spectacular. Others point to the place and want there to hit svetkvitsa etc. I was in a world in which I received a special stamp and told God you can do anything here. I have a teacher who listens to everything you want to do but he has the final say about the miracle. This witch for which I've written before has no power over me.

So I was bound to happen but I do not only participate but peeps. Sometimes a walk but I do not think the task. God tells me do this and that and I do it. In most cases if you think about what is going to happen to make a mistake or the time is over. Just do it and this is. But for you to hear clearly the angels and God Because I say I will say what havoc. But I must say that this is done by sanatelni (those who samozapovyadvat) mages gods - my opponents Shall we say Gyalya will pray for rain. Whoops God listens and immediately pouring rain. Flooded the houses of poor people, the streets are muddy. God says she's my daughter A magician sees not worship Jesus whole village and makes a hurricane or zemetresemie (Iran) swept houses collapsed blocks. People suffer. However, they are completely fluent Lords of Destiny. And you will become such, if you learn to samokontrlirate (A self means first when you say you have saliva in the mouth do not spit while I will do as long as something does not distract me) Other Dad I want to see if I can do flood (Some German). Oops Danube channel. She's my daughter says God. So what will the result The current Governor of the world is doing such and authorize all their children without being interested in the consequences. I am God, I can do everything but only at the command of God (Elohim - the defender of the weak people) without second thoughts at all. You are the problem people Christians with your prayers change the fate of people who do not need it.

No I have not seen the body never but it does have traveled 1,000 places in the universe Mystic how long you leave the body how to get back Me me turn around at the top chakra when you have tooth naturally get sick I do not remember who but someone here said that he saw and immediately returned to the body and no longer had astral experiences Congratulations my friend you're from the unconscious angels. God will send or have sent you on a mission I have many trips outside the body but going back for seconds, sometimes it clog my ass and the reaction is that I teleport back to the previous location Now many want to kill me. They took me on a helicopter blade in a world and I just felt how my body is cut and then glued Can be transformed but the will of my angels rising many times black devil, 2 white Putin Jesus Christ and once a kitten. I am about it is better to nesazbatelen and unmanageable by their free will so probably best to do its job Will be repeated but have you been in a dome. I was the first two times walk. Vtroriyat time saved 4 people So tell me if you willfully enter and leave the body how to get out of the dome if God carry you?????

Karma means the consequence of errors right???? Unable karma for the body and can not pay for the mistakes past lives this is nonsense Karma always been at the present time. Even unconsciously Nicodemus tells Jesus how to clear karma: "How can a man be born? Could not enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?" So I'm still a little child and do not intend to work and suffer while learning. I want everything ready because I'm small and does not want to become ever larger. I like others to deal with for me including God and angels

1. I do not like some insects that destroy God: cockroaches other'm talking to see if you hear me 2. I do not like this that make me around to work, I prefer all day to sit in front of computer and do this also revolt 3. Dislike this it depends on the toilet 4. I do not like the fact that there are many hidden gods of the land 5 I do not like that there are many poor people who do not even know that there is this pleasure computer 6. I do not like businessmen (all already mugs and so it seems) and in the most interesting worlds have them 7. I do not like winter and summer two opposites that annoy me much sweat and cold 8. I hate earthquakes and strong winds, deep cold seas and rivers, rain 9. Sucks for me to see old people

What I Like 1. I like that there are diseases that torment sinners 2. I like to eat but most things are vegetarisnki + fish 3. I like the moon myself I can do 4. I like the cloudless sky and azure sunset 5. I love cats very good and exquisite animals 6. I love to fly (with wings or jet engine) while I sleep but not over the sea 7. I like to help (save) while people sleep 9. I love the Bible and every word that there is a logical 10. I love psychedelic music and computer, movies, games mostly racing 11. I like the coolest women (with skirts) not that I have a boyfriend or sugar daddy 12. I am happy that I keep all team archangels and God (Elohim) perform my prayers when I'm in bezihoditsa 13. I'm glad I have two brothers and mother who care for me

But I still can not understand why the iron ship of 1000 tonnes is not sinking into the sea I could not understand how the tree out of wood panels I can not figure out how to make the bulbs including luministsetni how wove carpets (with wonderful patterns) by hand or otherwise how was delivered at the Orange poulyarnata loco machine from the Czech Republic when the width of the tracks we are different. how to build skyscrapers in America since the speed of the wind in the middle is very strong and getting stronger as a high climbing Where did these thousands of trucks should or abroad and we have our own production How do plants should be another factory Produces parts which are assembled and who built it. Remind me of more nonsense in the world

Mark of the Beast is the mark of the Devil 1Ioan.3: 8 He that committeth sin is of the devil, because the devil has sinned from scratch. So Son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil.

Well what abominations when sin is that Ez.16: 49 Behold, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom and her daughters, her pride, surfeit of food and prosperous ease, but the poor and needy do not support;

For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and against all that is lifted to lowered / Isaiah 2:12 / translation Pentcho Slavejkov Is close to mind is that these are "biznsmenite" kings, sultans, sheikhs, etc.????

"21 Then Peter came to Him and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Until seven times? 22 Jesus said unto him, I do not say seven times - up to seventy times seven. " 19 Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of publicans and sinners! But wisdom is justified by her deeds. Well, if we forgive it to 70x7 God must forgive 7000000 in 7 Is it the whole earth are sinners and sinners, where pravdatata spoken of God and Jesus And what does being perfected as your heavenly Father perfect righteous you have to be sinners or And what is this obsession among evngelistite believe that if once in Christ then sin to be saved and do what John says 1Ioan.3: 8 He that committeth sin is of the devil, because the devil has sinned from scratch. So Son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil.

What does it mean to repent sin again if you still need to repent???? So how many times can repent before God I write so that when Jesus said that the man should forgive 70x 7 from God how many times will forgive every sin individually and eventually punish us. Does God's patience end???? If so how much???? I think that as God punishes his children as sin. They repent God forgives. Again sins double punishment this time, then triple, etc. And man has he needed a transplant to live. Am I right

Where demons come to meet with mages???? So they have their own world, they are angels who have no free will. But they have reason In other worlds, those who do not accept "their constitution" made them demons with a very scary person. GOD has the scariest so in the Bible call it terrible God. Vtor.10: 17 "For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the terrible God, who shows no partiality nor take a gift; " I also sleep while I like a demon. Where call me where I'm going. 3 times we all in black skins and no bullet can not penetrate them, even at the highest world where angels study was Laser and tried to stab me but could not. I felt, however how the scales are melting Demons are not demons, devils are the torment of God for the worst.

And why not a man coming out of your body will of God. Their are two types of angels The first master yogis themselves fully as may be amended in other creatures at will willfully out of the body (out of body expirience) The latter are the angels of Jehovah they appear to be the most stupid army of Gideon (300 men they're lapping tongue water like dogs because they are the most unskilled of this life). That all but the commandment of God For example, I enter and leave the body in seconds but only when I'm asleep. God tells me (not even hear it) go into this world and I instantly teleport. Tell me my fly, start to fly, etc. While one can get in and out he needed hours (initially minutes at the end), while going to another world must pass through gates (gates of the Worlds) Movie cube guess you've seen it. Do not swank but saved four people from there. Then just teleport into the body in seconds. And a completely conquer yourself magician angel will take time to set coordinates for teleportation (cord connecting the soul with the body is broken). Then you have to find a block, floor, room, and then 5 minutes for the safest magician to wake up. All my writings of and and http:// to show you the facts to help you understand the essence of the problem: to opt out of his free will and choice because you will have absolute children of God

1. Creator of the Universe made diseases come when a man sins Almighty Earth tries to jump over those laws of your son Jesus but can not Because they are inviolable and their authority is powerful Judge for yourself what teaching is the teaching of kindness (sinner if you love your neighbor as yourself is not a problem) 2.ri option all a coincidence as it comes, then I guess that if you go to hell, cube, mortal combat and other such dirty and lower testing will also be chance. And how many will sit there Submit the case.

Furthermore, if God knows everything and if everything is known anywhere (what and when it will be), then where goes our freedom of action?? So whatever you do (if you're a god or not we with it) Anyway, it is written what will happen

So there are two types of people one is with free will without the other. Some of them are on their own, others hold on to God. For some God knows everything their whole life is like a hand in front of him. Others are completely unknown. Magicians are exactly those gods they are unpredictable and those who begin to speak totally out of this MATRIX ie predestination. God can not make them sick because they have broken relationships with God through enrgiyni very obvious sin (drinking blood, sex with menstruating woman) things vvklyuchva their ritual. Or very small sins (the Christians) for whom we advocate. This devil wants. They learn to go willfully body and make piles of white. But God catches them and sends them to hell, cube where the goal is destruction. The conclusion is that all men are originally in the matrix ie predopredlenieto but through sin they come out of it and live the life they want without any more punishment until they catch God

Have you not read my site know it is a little confusing in some places but it izluvat things in my mind.

Shto pretend to be nerds you know what is the answer to all questions What for you is allowed for true Jews and Christians are not allowed I personally do not like diversity and even tested. Superimpose their 7 games and all my tired whereas previously only played a great game (no place of HDD) and I'm tired of all fast food is not a living creature in the bored. I have a cat of 7.8 years and I am not tired fondle her when she came to me. Imagine what it would be for a man (woman). You issue your mouth, your mouth so much you download girlfriends and sin. If you shut the mouths of all there will be no adultery right????? So tell me what the other woman has more of thine: no breasts or bottom daisies missing. Do not you tired of living in the country where you live right???? The conclusion is 7 times measured cut once

grey: "One condition to be saved, we should not be condemned is not our fault. Another condition that we be judged not to condemn. Luke 6:37 Judge not, and shall not be judged: condemn not, and shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven; " nvknvk: So judge the world think that we agree is the Almighty who is very strict You are watching you cube zero. Two operators wondered what these people were introduced. At first you think aliens make their experiments. But it psoredata understand that they do not accept God. The one who was burned at the exit Belshazzar. You know what saves you love God otherwise are full of sinners. Children are allowed to be wrong, they know a little (not enough evidence) and I do not understand them. You deliberately brought men to sin. "Little children, if any man sin we have an advocate." You adults you or children. If you do not learn righteousness where in paradise you?.

I am also vegetariannets but I am because you are killing to eat. I prefer fish sprat it does not catch and do tell me in Sofia, Varna and Burgas you drive or place it in the fish catch in the Iskar. When the hen laying the egg is like farting is very nice I can not stand mushrooms mussels then my severe stomach Do not worry about the amino acids if you are good with God he will configure so that you do not need any. I love eggs as many eyes

yogimax: "Earth's future is to root and flesh-eating" "Vegetarianism is primarily moral and ethical act of violence to our smaller brethren." Absolutely right. I also do not drink and do not smoke!!