author: Nikolay.V.K

Concerning principles MANAGING Reality ---- ---- CONTINUED PART VIII -----

Here I pulled the most important teachings of the White Brotherhood. JESUS ??CHRIST PROTECT this doctrine and call his own. parables which Benissa Duno used were used by one of his disciple that Jesus Christ promised Highest sky because it "totally follow him" Consider what in the HE!!!

E T W O O B E R T b "We have to undergo the suffering that we come to learn from them." / Behold the man /

And whoever wants to participate in the sufferings of humanity will not win anything. And also what they suffered? Consequences of errors caused by our inability ever. These were the errors faced by the process of suffering. / Behold the man /

Suffering should not have. are suffering for sinners / nvknvk /

People say, "Why Lord is omnipotent, does not fix the world?" - How to Fix It? - "He who lies to his dry tongue, the man who steals to his dry hand." Well, then we would have a world just dumb and lame. What do you think - would you be pleased such a world only crippled people? / Behold the man /

The world is just one. Glory to God / nvknvk /

God is poured into small rivers and instead he manage them, they leave you alone to manage. / Behold the man /

Angels of God are governed by Him + their mind. But people are little gods do not permit / nvknvk /

There is a verse in the Holy Scripture, in which God says: "I was Israel, and loaded wagon in which people constantly put everything" / Behold the man /

This cool teacher you lie / nvknvk /

Let's back. We first need in this world to live, to prepare, we can not live in heaven because there is heat and light are very bright. As the gardener, when grafted pines taken from high ground, makes some presadki, till to acclimate them because Heavenly Father and can not take us straight away and planted us in the Garden of Eden / Behold the man /

So he says that the sky conditions are poor Meaning less pleasures right? / Nvknvk /

"We want to be virtuous, strong, rich, and we have virtue and strength, and wealth, and is needful to have" / Behold the man /

So we have to be thugs / nvknvk /

Divine Soul nobody is able to corrupt. It may be dirty from the outside, but inside it can not, because God dwells in it. And it was unthinkable to destroy something God keep. / Behold the man /

So remember God (there's a video) which was recorded every sin. Interestingly, however, that if a man reborn everything is deleted. It had subconsciously Jesus mean when besadata with Nicodemus. Sin is sin and punishment is no excuse for it are diseases / nvknvk /

and g t o n o t h er p o n "When I visited him in the ground, what would you say if you were in his place I will say," It is finished with us, our life was gone, rotted "But the grain has more faith than here. Whenever buried in soil, it rots and spluva but immediately understand the language of the sun and its rays as first appeared, saying: "I will not die, I will rise again and will bear fruit for others," and he began to energy and it starts to seek the sun. ensued ripens. But people do not leave it: take a sickle and cut. suffering, not end here: after you harvested, tighten it in bundles, then prick it with pitchforks and throw in car, brought him to the threshing floor and put it on each other to big as mountains, buy. then passed over him horses and threshing. What would you think if you were in his place? During this process goes and lives. " / Grain of wheat /

Most of the fruit trees grow and bear more fruit cereal grain without caring for them. and taste of the bread. Bread goes mainly to the soup. A parvanochalno people were feeding on fruit. / Nvknvk /

"Now let us turn to the story of Christ's life, the history of the Jewish people. How do you explain this contradiction: a people waiting for thousands of years their Deliverer, their King to come and give him freedom, but at this time, when He appears, namely the Jewish high priests and princes complain against him? "/ grain of wheat /

Christ loved sinners and God had ordered sveshenitsite to hate them. It is natural to expect that their Deliverer will be one with the teachings of God. / Nvknvk /

"A man who wants to love, you must experience the greatest suffering in the world, who has not suffered, he may experience this divine principle of love." / Grain of wheat /

He's right, all who love sin will experience great suffering / nvknvk /

"Brought two criminals, one was blind and the other - no legs, their crime consisted in the following: went to steal apples, gardener caught them and brought them to the judge, but took the blind say," I'm blind, I do not kradoh apples, but I stretched my hands and took some of the land "and that without legs, he began to shout:" I have no legs and can not walk to steal. "judge after second thoughts, said," Put on the back of the lame blind, "and added," He who has eyes found the apple, but he has no legs, hands and there is he suffer apples. "Indeed, so they would be caught." / Grain of wheat /

This example shows how your teacher likes poor people. That even such people judge Lord and in the great America whose president has always ended with the words "God bless our country" / nvknvk /

CALL L E N E S T O N A L Y X A "So we have four categories of people in the world who think of men: some say:" The world is lousy, lecherous not worth living ", others say" It selfishness reigns, worse can not be "third: "The world is beautiful, nice" they are closer to the truth. A fourth who they are? Those who have entered into God's school and began to learn, ie to instill the good things. "/ phenomenon of Spirit /

Goes so mostly the rich are the most far-sighted people. There are also poor lucky but not much. Most are fools because the rich do not tell them how to break the walnut / nvknvk /

"When you meet an idiot, you know that in the past when the Spirit was knocked on its doors, it has not opened" Telling someone that stupid. Why? Because when the Spirit is ever knocked on the door of his mind, he rejected "/ phenomenon of Spirit /

God keep such because they are "the most dangerous for him": warlocks and mages who do not know what God will do in the world, so their mind off (I'm so but mild) while sin so that he is calm he will not shake his throne. / Nvknvk /

"Some are afraid of money, only fools are afraid." / The phenomenon of the Spirit /

Because the reason most poor servant get 1 talent (pound) Jesus' parable is that it is stupid of all because even he was afraid (hides in earth money) to give to bankers. / Nvknvk /

T A L A N T and T is And what is said of him that has not worked, and hid his talent in the ground? "Get him a gift and give it to him who has five, and throw him outside, into the darkness, to learn to work there." / Talents /

The problem is that this person never worked in paradise worked up??? and knows how make money (ie how to thrive in heaven is there money???) / nvknvk /

"And thanks also to those five talents, abilities, holds our mind to a higher spiritual life that shows how to develop the good things God gives us, we can get rid of many troubles in this world." / Talents /

That he has no money and trouble / nvknvk /

Test the spirits, when there came a spirit first consider and study it, if two talents, take it and entertained, if one talent buried, do not receive him, with a talent is it - outside, it is lice, fleas He is a wolf who can not ennoble / talents /

And who now makes his money on a credit card a communist-era bank account while the poor (lazy because they have lived in heaven) with 1 talent live as simple and poor. / Nvknvk /


"And if I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to be burned, but have not love, nothing I use". / Love /

after giving away all his property is left with nothing but to kill himself. / Nvknvk /

"Everyone knows that a speaker with the power of the Word may affect the crowd." / Love /

I thought that we humans / nvknvk /

"Misbehaving children the Lord put them to break stones, and precious obedient gives Crafts" / Love /

Naughty are those who have (or want to have) only one woman and obedient libertines are those who walk in women life even after they get married sin. Am I right??? / Nvknvk /

TABLE H OPINION A T A H O J A C AND F "The world tells you that as a woman:" Come with me, I'm very nice, otherwise you will go to jail ", / Dreaming of Joseph /

It is true that refuse to fuck (roughly sinned against God) look to push the body and throw him in hell. And here it is in other worlds. / Nvknvk /

"Who, as he lay on his back, he was caught up to heaven and placed there a high position" / Dreams Joseph /

"5 The saints shall rejoice in glory will surely enjoy their beds" / Psalm 149:5 /-God showed me this verse / nvknvk /

"In his mind and his kindness. If we like it, the world will detachments same place, if we are stupid and the world will throw us out." / Dreams Joseph /

Come to me all stupid and dumb I will give you rest / nvknvk /

"Patience is a trait of character with which one is born, but that is acquired with effort" / Dreams Joseph /

New people (in the new model) have more patience than the previous hence the former are almost no / nvknvk /

"Everybody loves money - maturation. There are some people who are not ripe. Money you know what? Being ripe. Life consists in the gradual development of green to ripe this gradual process is called science of evolution and development." < br> ..... when these fruit trees in your garden start to ripen, then you will be removed from prison and presented to the Lord of this world "

Jesus said that the devil is a master of the world / nvknvk /

L A C O N T H A Uh Lou G E N E T O Messy and ignorant maids of what children learn? What they know. / Law of service /

So those who cry the maids to their children are watching debauchery of them (maidens) / nvknvk /

Servant must be very clever: a foolish man can not serve properly. / Law of service /

In Christ are the smartest people in December but their mind what I say / nvknvk /

Darwin's theory says that experience only capable, healthy people. Indeed, will experience only those who are spiritually and morally healthy, and will experience physical health if they have this inner moral strength. / Law of service /

I will help you experience the incompetents who do not understand the high philosophy of life and believe in predestination / nvknvk /

The significance SMALL THINGS God always seeks small, he does not deal with the great work. He made the world, but the management of the whole world makes him so happy as when dealing with children. His work is when you see people that are wrong to teach them and that He gives us an example / the significance of small things /

If God did not make pleasure to drive I would manage, ie to handle major works while he izpravlyava example a fagot. I mean he loves sinners poor and I / nvknvk /

M & A M P in "Woe to us! Earth is lamentable dol, life is a burden no sense." Stupid people who do not know and do not want to play that do not know how to tighten their strings bandmaster who do not listen to them, really, life is without meaning, but for those who can adjust his violin and play for them, life has more meaning "/ Peace be with you /

So foolish are guilty of being stupid / nvknvk /

"To resurrect - it means to be a master of all the elements of all forces, all thoughts, all desires, all its actions. And how one can rise when it is the master of all these things "/ Peace be with you /

So a person can learn to be rejuvenated by his will ie wrong or just to live forever. / Nvknvk /

"God can give us the violin, strings and bow freely teacher can catch us and for him to pay, but we will have to spend 10 hours a day, learn to play - this exercise should be to us. And that which can not be exercised so he is a man lazy, incapable, he is not worthy of the Kingdom of Christ. " / Peace be with you /

Those who do not want to learn I say you are worthy to enter the kingdom of nvknvk.

"Therefore the Lord says," If you become susceptible as children will never enter the kingdom of heaven "because the children are eager to learn things"

Children wait everything ready / nvknvk /

Necessity to know God-NDPB

Christ clearly says: "Eternal life is to know God." "To know Him" .... I am the way, the truth and the life / NDPB /

"In the way of righteousness is life, And in its pathway there is no death." Proverbs 12:28 Christ is the way and the TRUTH is not faith the works. / Nvknvk /

"Christ saves brightest and best. Never did he rescues the poor and stupid people. Saves brightest and best who hear and obey his teachings." / NDPB /

Smart people are good and bad stupid right?? / Nvknvk /

HOW hot man standing sheep

On the ground lie just lazy and they lie every day. A diligent say, "When Christ returns to us, then we will rest." We must work to grasp the true Christian.

My friend here if you do not learn to rest in the sky and it will burst from work. / Nvknvk /

From mountaintop to river rush coming down, but it can not go up. Similarly, most people roll and go down. And the only person who can climb the mountain, only one person has a will, he can remove and beat some obstacles and resistances.

You fashkiyo against God's laws you stand??? / Nvknvk /

"Christ encourages you to put aside the primer and the reader and make the grammar, it is useful science, it teaches you how to speak and read correctly where to put the" th "or" is "," Z "or" a "," uh "or" g. "Of all want right thought, right judgment, right feeling, the right work."

This looks like a Jehovah's Witness they learn correct pronunciation when preach. / Nvknvk /

I praise the worldly people in one respect. A lady who is prepared to go to a soiree or ball or theater, watch how work performed in the room where the dress: an hour she turns here - on, looking at your face, nose, hands - all is functioning. I praise her.

Now I understand that your teacher is pretty vain. I try to adapt the examples to your teaching. / Nvknvk / "Do not think that God will see you in heaven as you are. No. lay people understand this much better.'s Why Jesus says," The sons of this age are smarter. " ...... In every respect, recommend worldly people because they provide excellent examples and belief and energy and preparation. If we took their example to apply it in the spiritual world, we stand above than we are now.

Sheep, sees the wolf, stomped wants to say: "We have to get out of here, do not you know that I feed?" But he throws and eats it. So she is smart!

Here Benischo says that God created the world in the most stupid way. To sheep is a child of God who lived in the True paradise. But the current god-poo them into sheep and other animals. The character has remained peaceful as ever / nvknvk /

U A R I S E J and M And T And P

Once an angel from heaven as he watched how a person is wrong, turn to the Lord and said, "How do you tolerate this low creature? If I were you, I would cleanse the earth from it. " God sent the angel to earth to incarnate and leave it in the same position and the angel did twice sins of the man whom he condemned / Pharisee and tax collectors /

And imagine that no sin will do what God / nvknvk /

I think the Pharisee has the right to pray is not so bad. It is a great joy to know God that they hear that you're righteous. Jesus izdrebnyava deliberately when he says that strain out the gnat and swallow a camel. / Nvknvk /


I found them, I found the philosopher's stone .... And the law says, "You found it to babes." - This young man is not far from the truth. He's figured antitypical language in which the LORD hath spoken. Its conclusions and beliefs indicate that he understood the original, from which takes its inspiration. or

When you modify the order of things must also modify and laws governing the forms of things.

Most finally dropped / nvknvk /

This fish, which teach others to do the lungs will be most learned fish.

So you learn to make your sperm is the big man right??

Namely angels bring us knowledge of God, without which we can not have any life in you

So all the prophets were and are angels right??? / Nvknvk /

Not any Udovo be cut because the millions of years it took Tis caecum of the Lord to do so,

If the Lord is doing a red millions of years how much is a soul. / Nvknvk /

and in twigs of this last will appear buds and flowers of superconsciousness - the angels. ..... When that happens, it will be a sign of spiritual spring, the human soul will find in immortality beyond the claws of death, sin and crime

Here Benissa unconsciousness said that to him sprout chakra saharsara will become immortal angel. This is the right but must be very beware lest you become angels of death right??? / Nvknvk /

"The new birth man is released from the karmic law of cause and effect: you are then free citizens masters, one can not rule over you"

And if sin who will punish him / nvknvk /

Because fearful, timid, will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Rabbit why run away from the wolf. It is a natural law / nvknvk /

move on

Note A:
"Free choice is so much unconditioned by foreign will, and as such appears FREE CHOICE as more facts are given to man to see what good and what evil However, since none exists, or if it is, he would be Before the birth THEREFORE ARE ONE sheep, and other goats, shepherds THIRD fourth wolves and dogs THERE STAFF